The key to getting pleasure out of annoying women is to know how to dominate them and set the frame in each setting and get them to shut up about stupid things. If everything they say is stupid it means getting them to stop all chatter with you and just stick to basic pleasantries of affection.

But this means that you have to know what you want from the woman, and it has to be something other than conversation. If you know you want affection and sex and romance and bonding from her, then you know that. Knowing that is what you want, you’ll be able to conclude that you’ll get other needs met elsewhere. From her you get that. You don’t get beer from the faucet, but you still like your faucet.

And so you will be happy to be with her getting what you want, and keeping her company pleasant and enjoyable to you.

This ability to keep annoying women pleasant will expand your dating pool to include the hot airheads. The airheads will see you as higher value even if they are hot, because your brain works properly. They’ll be better off for your company, and even an airhead can fuck like a champ.