I was explaining to Cody how a musical arrangement came together spontaneously today. I was just riffing off of melodies that I had made on the notes in the scale of C minor, and then noticing how these melodies could harmonize with chords and chord changes on chords that were all made from notes within the C minor scale.

Then Cody explained that within musical notation, it’s not called keys in a scale, but the key of the music, within which there will be certain agreeable chords, as in Symphony in G minor. The way he described it was saying what I said but in different language; the formalized language of musical notation.

I’m pleased with my choice to learn music from the inside out by focusing on improvising, instead of studying it. Studying it could lead to faster improvements, but it’s not the same. Music is just there – ready to be discovered. It has patterns inside it that reveal themselves just by listening and playing. Your ear will figure it out. It’s magical.