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How to keep a woman in aquisitive mode

Posted by xsplat on May 28, 2013

gandt Wrote: The crazy thing is that every women wants to try and tame a lion. But upon doing so I am very confident in saying she is evolutionarily designed to want to move onto the next thing. Furthermore the male looses the edge and persona that made him once attractive to her.

FourToTheFloor Wrote: Almost like a female “notch,” you could say.

gandt Wrote: Aye. And similar to many men, after they get said “notch” their attention turns elsewhere.

xsplat Wrote: Ya. Got to keep them in aquisitive mode.

gandt Wrote: Xsplat, any suggestions on how you do this for our fellow members?

People have positive emotions to you in relation to the value that you add to their life. So with a girl her emotions will be swayed in a positive direction the more you add value in any domain, such as;
1) Financial – if she is financially dependent on you that hand over her quality of life will translate into her loving you more
2) Social – if you and your social circle are a main part of her social life that hand over her quality of life will translate into her loving you more.
3) Sexual – if you fuck her the way no man ever has and likely no man ever will ever again, bringing her to emotional and sexual depths and heights beyond compare regularly, then that hand over her quality of life will translate into her loving you more
4) Your status – if your status is well above all her other suitors, because you exhibit many status markers, such as wealth, fitness, social circle leadership, business leadership, community connections, and so on, then you will have hand over her future quality of life, because if she lost you she would lose her close connection and even self-identity with your status position.
5) Romantic – if you manipulate the moods in your shared space, injecting some dramas but keeping the general tone warm, positive and sexual, then she will associate all positive emotions with you. This will give you hand over her, as she will fear losing you, the focus of her good life.

So those are some structural ways to add value to the woman’s life, such that you are her best possible choice. As long as you are, her emotions will follow suit. She’ll love you.

Sorry, that’s the math of it. Add value, and she’ll feed you all of her deepest emotions.

And that’s a main value you can add to her. Resonating back those emotions with her – resonate when you fuck – feel her orgasm completely as you maintain it in her, minute after minute. Engage her emotionally as deeply and widely as possible. She’ll feed you all this interest and intensity of emotions (especially when she comes, of course, but even in the less intense times) and you feel that as closely as you can, and resonate that back to her in your voice tone and the rhythms of her contractions and your thrusts. Fucking like that is also metaphorical – I’m saying that generally you add value to a woman’s life by sharing emotional spaces and feeding that back and forth to each other, and when you do that very intensely, especially during fucking, it feeds you personally, improving quality of life, but also at the same time gives you very deep hooks into the girl from which you can manipulate her at a very, very deep level. The level of having a complete slave.

It should go without saying that it’s necessary to occasionally deliberately invoke dread of losing you, especially when she is acting badly. However be conscious that the dread will have more impact the more you are her best option.

The technology of dread-game is really just the flipside of playing to her hypergamy. Without both sides you don’t have a coin.

6 Responses to “How to keep a woman in aquisitive mode”

  1. t said

    With regards to sex, how would she feel the “like no man ever” if she was a virgin before she met you?

    ” manipulate the moods in your shared space, injecting some dramas but keeping the general tone warm, positive and sexual” – you mentioned this stuff before, and I have read it elsewhere, but any specific examples of things you do/say in terms of each of those: injecting drama, keeping the general tone warm, etc.

    • xsplat said

      Well, recently I’ve taken on a 2nd, and so am forced to up my value in order to be able to get away with the additional relationship strain.

      Some things I’ve been doing are:
      1) ramping up the sex quantity and quality.
      2) increasing the quality time

      For 2 some examples are
      1) laying in bed naked and stoned, singing along with songs. Karaoke in the bedroom, enfusing my voice with emotion and power.
      2) Dancing to some songs for the girl
      3) Posturing and peacocking by performing chi-kung while watching movies while she is hanging out on the bed. Some forms of chi-kung I do are “hard chi-kung”, where it is similar to how body builders posture – you tighten muscle groups in alternation and all at once. Some types are like hatha yoga, where you slowly move between postures that require balance and muscular stamina. Some types display deep concentration and focused relaxation.

      As for injecting drama, lately she’s been letting her housework duties slide, in favor of trying to earn some commissioned sales for one of my products. I blew up on her about that one morning, and demanded quite sternly that she do her job as a woman and take care of her most important priorities:
      1) fucking me regularly
      2) taking care of the house
      3) feeding me good food

      The very stern rebuke got the appropriate reaction. That’s an example of injecting drama.

      As for ” how would she feel the “like no man ever” if she was a virgin before she met you?”, obviously it’s easier if she was a virgin, but you still can’t rest on your laurels there. It’s still important to bring the girl to stage three sex.

      Stage 1) fear and loathing
      Stage 2) regular pleasure leading to a peak orgasm and then a long refractory period of low desire
      Stage 3) continual eyes wide open full body orgasms mingled with love and devotion that just go on and on, a faster refractory period and an ongoing low level of continuous desire

      My live in was once an asexual hottie, but has recently graduated to stage three. I will literally present her with a framed diploma, and we will hang it prominently. Stage three graduation from the University of Fuck.

      • t said

        “enfusing my voice with emotion and power” . I think this is one of the things that you can sometimes look over and mention briefly, but is a whole thing in and of itself. For example, I am known to now show any emotion, I am very difficult to read, and this is reflected in my (lacK of) facial expression and monotone voice. You mentioned before that you are a good story teller too, and I think that includes using and eliciting emotion through voice tonality. Maybe I need to go to a speech therapist, or maybe just try to practice.

      • Bingity Bong said

        Some girls, plenty of them, enjoy watching themselves while they are screwing. Some of them will be a bit self conscious about that fact, so you will initially catch them stealing a peek, like they just had to look. But, if you have strategically positioned mirrors around a room, like around a bedroom, they will get better acquainted with themselves in the buff, [particularly while knocking boots. This also leads to people feeling a bit self conscious about their body. Which is a good thing. Because you want to be toned and you want a woman who is toned. Personally, I am seeking a bit of inspiration from the late comedian, Robin Williams, for out of the bedroom antics and improvisation. People prize entertainment.

  2. Benjamin Honestlin said

    AHAHAH that’s brilliant.

    Damn if people get celebrated from dumb fucking high school superlatives like Most LIkely to Succeed or Best Dressed, why the hell is someone’s sexual prowess’ progress not being celebrated on paper?

  3. […] Girls will do absolutely everything in their power to make a man monogamous. And they will never stop. Ever. Non-monogamy with any level of sexual and romantic intensity is unstable. You will get vicious threats. You will see girl fights. Every possible thing a girl can do to regain monogamy she will do. To maintain stability in such a situation a man needs to be more than just psychologically experienced. It helps to have hand in all areas. […]

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