Do a google search for “Liberty Reserve”, and you’ll come up with hundreds of identical articles all from different news organizations around the world, all repeating nearly verbatim the same propaganda, all ignoring the deep questions, leaving you less informed after you read them than before, as you have been given the impression that you actually learned something, and so have forgotten to continue to pay attention to the knowledge that you were trying to seek.

Liberty Reserve E-currency Shut down after $6b transactions…ds-newsxml

The news stories about this are near universally heavily slanted pro-government propaganda. It’s astounding. It’s as if the government itself is directly writing the news.


LR is being painted as little more than a money laundering vehicle for criminals and child molesters. The anonymity of it is being painted as substantially different than the anonymity of cash, and inherently criminal.

Searching out the real story of what is going on, with reference to laws about jurisdiction and what has happened to the money is very difficult – the “news stories” just drone on and on and on with the fucking propaganda. As if that’s the story! How is the US claiming legal jurisdiction over financial transactions outside of it’s borders?

I must have been stupidly naive, because it’s shocking to read news outlet after news outlet regurgitate from the same simplistic template their carbon copy version of government spoon fed propaganda. Almost as if they are using article re-writing software that gives output that barely passes copyscape.

Holy fascist control Batman! The media IS the government! And what’s worse is that it’s an international global government. The ubiquitousness of this single voice is shocking and is beyond belief. This is an extreme outrage. Every fucking news outlet is copy pasting directly from the US and World Government Official Position.