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US government is directly writing all news stories globally

Posted by xsplat on May 28, 2013

Do a google search for “Liberty Reserve”, and you’ll come up with hundreds of identical articles all from different news organizations around the world, all repeating nearly verbatim the same propaganda, all ignoring the deep questions, leaving you less informed after you read them than before, as you have been given the impression that you actually learned something, and so have forgotten to continue to pay attention to the knowledge that you were trying to seek.

Liberty Reserve E-currency Shut down after $6b transactions

The news stories about this are near universally heavily slanted pro-government propaganda. It’s astounding. It’s as if the government itself is directly writing the news.


LR is being painted as little more than a money laundering vehicle for criminals and child molesters. The anonymity of it is being painted as substantially different than the anonymity of cash, and inherently criminal.

Searching out the real story of what is going on, with reference to laws about jurisdiction and what has happened to the money is very difficult – the “news stories” just drone on and on and on with the fucking propaganda. As if that’s the story! How is the US claiming legal jurisdiction over financial transactions outside of it’s borders?

I must have been stupidly naive, because it’s shocking to read news outlet after news outlet regurgitate from the same simplistic template their carbon copy version of government spoon fed propaganda. Almost as if they are using article re-writing software that gives output that barely passes copyscape.

Holy fascist control Batman! The media IS the government! And what’s worse is that it’s an international global government. The ubiquitousness of this single voice is shocking and is beyond belief. This is an extreme outrage. Every fucking news outlet is copy pasting directly from the US and World Government Official Position.


9 Responses to “US government is directly writing all news stories globally”

  1. yousowould said

    How much government propaganda, and how much lazy, shit journalists who can’t even be bothered to do the barest minimum of research into the tripe they are parroting, abandoning the very principles their profession was supposed to stand for in the pointless race to be able to say “First!” when a new story breaks? Some of the former, more of the latter I suspect.

    “Opinion by press release” has been a problem for many years now, and in the increasing ubiquity of media in the internet age, it’s only going to get worse.

    • xsplat said

      I strongly disagree. This is clearly more about newspaper editorial policy than it is about individual reporter laziness. The pattern is too complete and all encompassing.

      Keep in mind how laws have changed to allow greater media consolidation over the years, and what this implies for scratching back the backs that scratched the big media owners. Editorial policy standards across Australia, UK, and the US is a coincidence?

      No. This is a strict policy of parroting nearly verbatim US government press releases. No questioning, no expanding on the subject, no alternative views. Pure policy of parroting, ubiquitous and internationally.

      • yousowould said

        Wouldn’t that then require an indoctrination of all new members of staff into the “policy” at all of the major media outlets that are “in” on the deal? That’s one hell of a coordinated effort considering all these media outlets aren’t owned by the same person. It also seems like a lot of opportunity for someone to go rogue and act as a whistleblower.

        Whilst I don’t doubt that the editors of all the big outlets are in cahoots with government officials to one degree or another, I’m also strongly aware of the copy+paste culture in journalism.

        Personally, I do not feel to be in possession of enough facts to make a strong assertion as to which I believe to be the predominant factor at play, but as stated, I err towards lazy journalism.

  2. Laikastes said

    I would say you’re both right. There is a copy-paste mentality in journalism, where a “news source” simply copies something that it got from one of the wire service “news sources” (Reuters, AP, etc). And it is certainly the case that, in stories like this involving large financial sums, the US government/banks are controlling what gets fed to the media. Thus, as you point out, Xsplat, the “news article” is mostly just a regurgitation of a heavily slanted, biased, factually challenged government press release. When I read this “story”, the two thoughts that I had were that the charges of Liberty Reserve being a haven for money launderers is almost certainly not true and simply government/bank propaganda, and that some big bank somewhere was probably upset that it wasn’t getting its cut from the transactions made through Liberty Reserve, and that is probably why the force of the US government was brought down on it.

  3. xsplat said

    Governments like taxes, and the online economy can’t be ignored forever. Governments don’t want an electronic version of cash. Too difficult to tax anonymous transfers.

    This is an international wish by all governments – to safeguard their power to tax.

    We are going to see more and more international financial auditing, regulation, and fund confiscation by the powers that be. And it will be a war fought on both ends.

    Getting into the online money exchange business (such as handling bitcoin, etc) at this time would be an interesting gambit. Much heat will be focused on those businesses. Big heat.

    • laikastes said

      You’re right about governments wanting to safeguard their power to tax.

      We expats who are US citizens are already starting to feel the grip of the ever-lengthening arm of the US government. As of this 2012 tax year, we have to report ALL of our savings WORLDWIDE (bank names, account numbers, amounts, etc.) to the IRS and the Department of the Treasury, on pain of losing 40% of it simply for failure to do so. And we can’t simply “forget” to do it, as foreign banks are also being forced to report the same information on all US account holders or face being taxed 30% on any US-derived income the banks have, so naturally they are going to comply. All in the name of the “war on terror” and combating “money laundering”, of course.

      I firmly believe that the US government will soon reduce or even eliminate the exemption threshold for income earned abroad, as well as heavily revise or scrap the existing double-tax treaties with foreign countries, because US expats are “not paying their fair share”.

      • xsplat said

        Outrageous, isn’t it? Might is right.

        But might has no power over what it can not see.

        Anonymity is becoming extremely difficult, and so it is a habit that must be carefully learned and cultivated, BEFORE you need it.

  4. ___ said

    Another angle I’ve heard on this is that the news is just the hook used to draw eyeballs to ads. The more eye-grabbing the headline, the more eyeballs are on the ads. Even online news sites have figured this out. Anybody who writes news stories for money has to sensationalize it to stay in business because they’re all using the same ad-supported business model. This time, the splashiest possible story is Bitcoin is for terrorists, organized crime and child molesters. This just as easily works against the government when they fuck up (ie: wienergate).

    • xsplat said

      That doesn’t address the issue that all news stories in all major media outlets internationally are nearly identical in both tone and phrases used, nor does it address the issue how the news reports are parroting the government line.

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