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4 things I want that piss people off

Posted by xsplat on May 24, 2013

People have agendas. As if we were machines evolved to seek benefit, when our agendas are aided we feel beneficient, and when our aims are thwarted we feel ire. We get jealous of people who stand in the positions of power we seek to hold. We feel toady towards those in a position to give us a helping hand.

It’s competing agendas all around. Every moral notion you have, every gentle feeling of compassionate embrace, is all an expression of personal agenda. Everything in the universe is a flow of power in the machinery of self perpetuating power structures. Life IS evolution, and evolution IS agenda.

As everything that I want is an agenda, and as agendas tend to be in competition for limited resources, the mere fact of me wanting some things pisses people off. It’s no surprise that some wants will piss off certain groups, as groups band together their agendas for a socialist power play of popular want.

Some things that I want that piss people off:

Pussy Pussy, and more Pussy
Specifically, a bouncy and petite third girlfriend who is in a constant state of sexual arousal. When I text her about anything she will reply with something relating to my dick and how soon she’ll be sitting on it.

This pisses off women. Women of course have the agenda that men are a resource that can provide benefit to women, and when men get uppity and outright state their desires for non-fenced relationships, this is a threat to the status quo of tamed beasts of burden.

This also pisses off men who have the sexual strategy of banding together as a socialist group to enforce a one-man-one-pussy policy. This has been a very successful socialist policy for men who can not succeed independently in the sexual marketplace. Collective bargaining is an evolved facet of power that shows up in nearly all power dynamics. A percentage of men were evolved to feel angry when men are successful sexual capitalist barons.

Nakedly stating that you seek status is a faux pas. We have all sorts of derogatory terms to sling at those who openly display status. Try hards. Douches. Nouveau-riche. Overcompensating mid life crisis men with little dicks.

Take a man of 45. He’s holding up as well as he can for his age – fit, but balding. Take a picture of him in a family sedan with a kid in the back. Now ask random coffee house girls how big the man’s dick is. Take another picture of him with his arm draped over the window of his candy apple red porche convertible, and ask around about the length and breadth of his cock. The girls and even some men will report cock shrinkage.

The reason for the cock-blocking attempt is that he is blatantly displaying his agenda. He wants to attract sex with attractive fertile females, and this causes competition anxiety. Do red porche convertibles have a reputation for success in aiding men with that agenda? If they did not, then no one would ever have any need to cock block, and middle aged mens dicks wouldn’t magically shrink whenever they take steps to get what they want.

Certain emotions are famous for causing pleasure – sometimes intense, sublime pleasure. Pleasure so intense and sublime that it has inspired poetry, novels, songs, and countless wars. It’s possible to not only feel these emotions, but to inspire them in other people.

This really pisses people off! You’ll see intense internet rage whenever love is mentioned. People will feel competition anxiety and want to cock block you. There is no love and if there were, YOU specifically can NOT invoke it in other girls! And if you could, blah, blah you have no value blah and the women you fuck have no value and blahdiby blah blah!

Power, Influence and Money
People who have no power will want to cock block you if you overtly display power. Think again about how socialism is inherent to the universe; self perpetuating power structures have many evolved options, one of which is to band together communally. Hippie power. Down with the 1%ers!

In the manosphere in particular young guys with no money will carefully explain to you that in fact women do not have emotions that are related to their personal benefit, and that in fact money has never influenced any woman sexually.

The agenda towards personal power will invoke competition, and this looks like jealousy, cock-blocking, anger, annoyance, war, back stabbing, and general irritation. Being open about wanting power or having power will piss people off.

11 Responses to “4 things I want that piss people off”

  1. Koanic said

    Heh, I enjoyed this quite a bit. One of my favorite posts from you. Oh the price of honesty.

    I would just point out that it seems there are 3 factors at work here:
    1. Envy
    2. Moral condemnation
    3. Theoretical disagreement, mostly due to ignorance

    I would hope that where we part ways, I am motivated mostly by 2. Which would mostly be about rotating vs permanent harem.

    • Bingity Bong said

      I was on a bus the other day. There were seats everywhere. A couple of hot looking numbers got on and I made eye contact with one of them and lifted my arms off the top of the bench in front of me. The girls headed straight for it and sat down after smiling at me. The very next moment, a woman who is built like a ox, turned round in her seat and tried glaring at me, with one of those, “They are children!” attitudes. Like she’s a protective bull, protecting the herd. I stared at her and projected the thought that she was one melon head and she wasn’t bullshitting anyone. The bus stopped in five blocks to let the “children” out in front of the strip club; and they rushed in to start their shift.. Melon head clearly received my message. I have gotten the same message from homosexuals, one of whom actually stated, “They are children!” He was four years older than the 24 year old girls who were partying their asses off and looking for cock. He was trying to talk sideways into offering himself as a better and legitimate option. I run into a lot of guys who try to make me feel bad for having money, and I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination. I run into men and women who try to make me feel like a dirt bag when women are approaching me. It is malicious envy. They don’t feel that I deserve something they haven’t attained, and that their envy is based out of a sense of moral and social justice. They have a self deluded bias in their own favor. If they had the advantages and the attention, they would be very pleased with themselves and they would know exactly how to deal with envious and resentful people, because they wholly understand the mindset, right down to it’s roots.

      • xsplat said

        Yes. Morality is just another strategy to power, and weapon to limit the power of others.

        Socialist and capitalist strategies are built into the fabric of nature. And yes it is a delusion to believe that our envies are pious.

  2. Ashley said

    Good list. Women who want these same things, except replace pussy with dick really pisses people off.

    • Just as most people instinctually recoil from a markedly feminine man (at least until they’re taught to hide it by the Cathedral), a woman who tries to conduct herself like an archetypal masculine man is, at best, unappealing.

      • Ashley said

        A man who tries to put a woman in a small box of how she should conduct herself is also unappealing.

      • Ashley said

        Likewise, men should be able to be as feminine as they like and women should just get over it.

      • You’re a feminist caricature. Seriously…is your site a parody?

      • Ashley said

        Personal stab in order to change the subject, just as predicted. And no, it’s not a parody. I may not may not be a “feminist.” I’m not into labels. I stand up for whatever I feel is right. Some of the things I stand for may be of feminist ideals, and some may not be. Don’t pretend to know me.

  3. Snoeperd said

    Hey man, i just wanted to add that it’s refreshing to see such honesty on a blog, especially when compared to the hypocrisy most people entertain in their daily lives. Makes me feel sane, keep up the good work man

  4. Dom said

    Xsplat is going Robert Greene on us… love it.

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