Living in SEA I’ve grown fond of the phrase “third world problems”.

Which can be applied to such situations as having a wild fling with a super hot teenager who neglects to tell you that she is engaged and using you for fun while waiting for her man to return from overseas.

The older I get the more the term “as good as it gets” starts to seem less negative.

When your life really hits the low points and you look back in nostalgia at times when you were having neurotic third world problems, “as good as it gets” starts to sound like a positive.

We are both neurotic people – you and me. We have moments of pure carefree joy, and great highs, and great lows. Our garden blooms, fades, freezes, composts, over seasons and many times a day.

No amount of philosophizing about it makes us truly deep down accept and embrace the truth of suffering. But age takes the edge off.

My next step is to realize and forgive other people for being such shitty human beings. As good as it gets is all around me.