Many people in my meditation communities became introduced to introspection through drugs. Those are interesting communities. Mostly wealthy, in the long run, even if started from hippies.

Old meditating sort-of-ex-hippies have the best stories. And are good lays.

LSD probably makes permanent or at least very long term brain changes. That’s my informed opinion; I’m not aware of studies.

LSD will make you be like I once was. You’ll read Carlos Casteneda and not think it fiction. And the walls took years to stop moving when looked at closely.

I used to have the most strange concepts back when I was doing LSD. And for so many years afterwards. Embarassing to mention now. I wasn’t dumb. I was very smart, like so many are who are drawn to push boundaries. I had weird thoughts like that you could hide objects inside sound waves. Or that my brain was able to “intuit” things, as if connected to a radio antenna to pick up subtle signals no one else was connected to. I once was convinced that I had inside knowldege that a friend that I not heard from in a a while was dead. Pro tip: It’s not a good sign of mental health when you have ESP.

Yet to this day I’m probably still creatively improved – LSD most likely permanently makes you more creative. But it can fuck you up. Make you a bit messed up in differentiating categories.

People don’t tend to have regrets. We usually appreciate what we learned from our mistakes. I don’t think LSD should be illegal, although I do believe it can and does cause harm. And can and does cause benefit.