I’ve always prided myself on being able to hold my booze.  When younger I thought it was difficult to even tell if I’d been drinking.  Last night I got drunk in the company of my girlfriend in Bali.  The next day I was angry at her for getting upset at my behavior, when obviously I’d been acting perfectly normal!  I accused her of gaslighting me.

Thankfully she had recorded much of the evening, on video and voice.  Actually she had been very patient and kind with me.  It turns out I was being a total dick.

I had a major case of the Duning Kruger effect last night – too stupid to come close to understanding how stupid I was.  I was belligerent, easily offended, repetitive, and annoying.

It makes me wonder if I’m going senile.  I’m sure I used to be able to function at a much higher level when drunk before.

It’s very humbling and very embarrassing.  I’m nowhere anywhere near as smart as I thought I was – at least when drunk.  Scary.  I’m so grateful for those videos!