I really like my V girl. Even if I didn’t want to fuck her, I’d still like her. She’s funny, smart, sporty, and has great girl game. With no prompting she cries out “fuck me Daddy!” when we make love. And she literally cries with the strength of her passion when we go deep into each others bliss. Not just screams, but cries, overcome.

But it wasn’t always that way. Not only did it take many dates just to be the first man to touch her firm high and tight breasts; squeezing my manhood into her virgin territory was a terribly tight and painful fit that took several tries. And then the chemistry was just mediocre, for me. I mean, I liked her a lot, but I didn’t really find my rhythm or groove and get to a high and long sustained place. Some short crecendos, after which I’d get tired and not passionate enough to quickly recharge. If I didn’t have other girls I’d have thought something was wrong with me. Woe be to the older married man with a fat wife; I’m sure millions of men think they have impotence problems, when what they have is chemistry problems.

V and I met up last week, after at least a month of travel and circumstances keeping us apart. It was a delight to get together, and we were more comfortable. But I still had stronger chemistry with my micro mini hyper neotenous seventeen year old Sally. Again I had a good connection with V, but tired easily. Later that night I had endless stamina for Sally.

And the next day Sally hacked into my phone and starts sending messages to V. She included a picture of a new girl I’d had in my bed a few weeks ago, that she got from my phone. She told her about my other girls that I’d been fucking while still dating her. Sally got V to come over and meet her, while I was still asleep. I was expecting to see V that next day, and woke to find her standing over my bed.

“Woah! You’re early!!”

“Are you alone?” she asked, rhetorically. Sally’s purse was still on the bed.

“Oh my god. You’re too early”. I was heartbroken. What a mess. I quickly walked V out to the living room, went back to my room to see that Sally was in the toilet, locked the door to my room, and went back out to talk to V, thinking maybe I could wisk her out of there before the two met. Sally climbed out the window and I tried to get her back in the room so I could deal with V alone, still unaware that they’d already talked. Sally would not leave me alone to talk to V. It was exasperating and the whole situation was maddening.

I was not feeling guilty – I was heartbroken and angry. What a mess.

V walked out, and I followed, locking Sally in the villa, after physically fighting to close the door on her. V was near tears. “Why did you follow me? There is nothing to talk about. I never want to see you again.”

Then she hailed a cab and drove off.

After an hour of text messaging her with heartfelt poetry, she agreed to meet at the beach, because “her heart wanted to see me”. At the beach I poured out whatever of my life story she could stomach to hear. After a few hours talking she agreed to come back to my place, and then we had better sex than ever. Some words that came out of some deep part of me at a climax were “I’m so sorry. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me”. Some words that came out of her were “I love you too”.

And the next day we finally found our groove. Very good sex. I love hearing her voice when we fuck. That girls got the best girl game. “Daddy fuck me, fuck your daughter Daddy!” And we not only connected in some sustained bliss, but in deep emotion. And again. And again. Yeah.

Sally had told V that she is two weeks pregnant. She told her to back off, that I was her man, that we’d been dating for over 6 months. She threatened V with black magic and worse.

And yet for all that all she did was drive V and I closer.

V never agreed to me having more than one girl. She said it’s a completely untenable situation that no girl, including her, would or could ever agree to.

And yet her actions tell a totally different story. She’s concerned about me seeing other girls, but isn’t pushing it. She believes in our love, because it’s true. And she knows it’s true because Sally forced my hand to be honest.

Now I don’t have any secrets from V. I explained everything in detail about my life; how my heart is like the sun and how I often keep multiple girlfriends. I’m not the asshole anymore, I’m the lover. And I do love that girl.

There is no conflict of interest inside, or outside now. I’m free to be who I am. And that probably has a big part to play in why my dick gets harder for V now.

By the way, I know some people think that older guys dating younger women out here MUST have a lot to do with financial support.

Well, V not only put herself through college on a scholarship, but is crafty business-woman who earns from four up to ten thousand dollars per month. In a country where a well paid secretary at a top company earns $350 and programmers start at the same.

V was a virgin, holding out until the age of 23 to give it up, to me.

She’s not into me for my looks, nor my money. But she’s into me. Something fierce.

We not only found our chemistry with each other, we deliberately made it. I’m good at my game, and she’s good at hers. We created this fire, out of sticks and twigs. Well done girl. Daddy loves you.


Oh, by the way, Sally and I are also closer than ever. After I locked her in the villa she smashed plates and glasses, then walked out when I returned. I was furious at her and didn’t meet up with her again for a few days, and when I did I could hardly bring myself to talk to her. She’s still as possessive as ever, but she got another dose of my not giving a fuck leave me if you don’t like it attitude. Jealousy is a HUGE turn off to me. I’d really rather be without the girl at all than inside her jail cell. And just like V, Sally says one thing and does another. She says she can not and will not ever abide by me seeing other girls, and does abide by it.


Oh, and there is another new girl who also regularly says that she loves me. I only spent three days with her so far, but we hit it off quite well. A single mother. Twenty one. I don’t know what it is about her, but to me that girl is viagra embodied. Maybe it’s the shape of her mouth.


M25 has been waiting to see me. She likes to mention that she will always love me and visit me for the rest of her life, even if she is married, and even if I’m 80. I could call up N19 but have no mood to do so, and haven’t contacted her in many weeks.