A rooshvforum member commented regarding some murderous thug who had no problem attracting the ladies:

… A psycho with those character traits should forever end up in the sexual wasteland, always being too “creepy” for any woman to have contact with for longer than 10 seconds. Instead, he probably has more notches and adoration than 10 common betas together. Seeing this gap between female preferences on paper and in reality makes me really sad.

If reality makes you sad, you have three choices:
1) remain forever sad
2) change reality
3) adapt and adjust to reality.

I’m sure none of these are palatable choices. Let me know if you have any other alternatives.

A bulk of our primate and human evolution of emotions occurred when we lived in small groups. We would gossip a lot in order to influence the agreed upon group rules, and therefore influence the behavior of others to our favor. Now that our groups are larger and our gossip is ineffectual to change the gestalt of opinion – or more importantly to change the behavior of those with power – we still act as if our voiced opinions are a form of social activism. Free Tibet!

But we can face it – we aren’t going to change society. It’s a deeply held emotional hope, but it’s not a realistic hope.

Our opinions are not activism, and people will continue to act out of self interest, regardless of what we think they should do for the benefit of the group.

Influencing women through moral persuasion is a lost cause.

Persuasion requires an intimate knowledge of reality – what buttons actually work. And for women we have a wide range of options that work to mens benefits – but changing their sexual preferences is not one of those options. We can seduce them without being a thug, but we can’t stop them getting attracted to thugs or going for the bad boys.

Holding ideals that the world can never live up to is a form of self torture.

And it is a choice whether we adapt emotionally to the world we live in or not. We are not at the choiceless mercy of a cruel world to feel alienated and disgusted by it. “Why isn’t everyone a vegetarian!” We can emotionally adapt and find our happy place in this world.