I often come across the sentiment that getting and keeping women is too much work, and that a man will get more personal satisfaction focusing on his own hobbies and interests. The idea is that being a dancing monkey for women and being concerned about the right mix of alpha and beta behaviors and fine tuning his actions to keep the woman interested is an exhausting drain of attention that prevents him from enjoying the moment and just being himself and having fun in the way that he wants to.

For the guys who are saying something like “keeping a woman aroused is too much work, why bother?”, I think you are having a failure of imagination due to a sour grapes attitude.

You ask the question as if it’s rhetorical, instead of stretching out past your current experience to imagine one where it would be worth it.

What if becoming a dominant personality who is highly skilled with women were possible? What if after many many years and many many women, it were no longer an imposition upon your attention, but a hobby that you enjoy?

We have many hobbies that require time and dedication and that we get better at with practice. Women is just one of those.

And as to the benefits of this hobby, again – it’s a failure of imagination to not notice. It’s the sex on tap, of course, but more. A love slave who acts as a 24/7 personal attendant.

Some say it takes too much time and effort to maintain this, but you neglect that you are getting cheap labor and therefore increasing your worldly effectiveness.

And then of course there are the hormones and actions that fill your life with joy that come from a live active engaged romance.

All of this that I’m talking about is not theoretical. If you are advanced and skilled with handling women, the idea of “why bother” just sounds silly. Not bothering is a HUGE step down in life satisfaction.

There is a reason men don’t want a love slave. It’s because you’ve been conditioned to never even imagine it. The very possibility has been beaten out of you by feminism and the feminine imperative since you first squirted into the world.

I was 29 when I first visited Bali on a business trip. A cute 26 year old girl insisted I stay at her place. It was here that I got my first sight of how Indonesians handle servants.

Quite an eye opener.

“Go prepare me a dish of cut up fruit.”

Can you imagine? A servant? Shocking. It seemed somehow a bit wrong. How can one person deserve such attitude from another?

For the last decade or so of my life, my women have been personal servants. “Suck my dick.” “Go make me a glass of carrot juice.” “Make this recipe here.” “Go do these errands.” “Go take care of these financial matters.” Most work doesn’t require a command. The cleaning is just taken care of. Sometimes the girl will ask to cut my toenails. I don’t even have to initiate sex. And offerings of devotion and passion are routine; the girl will kiss me passionately before going out to do errands, buy little gifts, dress attractively for me both around the house and when we go out, and sing me love songs that bring tears to her eyes. Even how she sweeps the floor is a devotional.

And my girls have been absolutely obsessed crazy about me.

Before you say that this is only possible because I’m in SE Asia, understand that this is not how SE Asian men get treated by their mates. SE Asia is highly matriarchal, and the women rule the house. In the whole world women tend to rule the house. And other expats don’t do this. I’ve never met any other man anywhere who does this – in any country. It doesn’t just come with the territory of being in SE Asia. It is an anomaly for the man to take the reigns, to wear the pants, and to have his women be addicted to him emotionally and sexually to the point of devotion in all her actions throughout the day.

And yet this is what I’m good at and routinely do and come to expect as natural.

I’m of the belief that wherever I go I will easily replicate this. I’m off to China early next year, and expect the same – only perhaps with more than one girl again.

Why bother?

Why not?