Three years ago I spotted an opportunity in the 3-d printer market. There were no large format hobbyist PLA extruding printers out there. So I researched all the open source projects, and found a new type of design that was ideal to making bigger prints.

At the time I had an intern who I was unable to motivate to work on his assigned project of mass marketing on blogs and forums through customizing an expensive script. So I asked him if he would be more motivated to work on making the design and getting it mass produced and starting a kickstarter project.

He agreed. One week later I went to visit his room and found a note saying that he had decided to go.

Last night I looked over all kickstarter projects for 3d printers, and now most of the projects are using the Kossel design that I had chosen. When I had chosen it there was not yet even one on Kickstarter, and only one or two people on the reprap forums had built it. Since then millions of dollars have been spent on Kickstarter for Kossels.

I have a cultivated and rare talent for discovering tremendous business opportunities.

But it’s not enough.

I can’t implement them all myself. And I’m not a good manager, my chief failing likely being that I am not a stern enough task master.

I am good at inspiring people with my visions. But I’m not good at getting people to actually do the fucking work.

People want to work 4 hour work weeks. Or 4 hour days.

I can’t fault people for that. I’m the same way. Unless my feet are to the fire I only play around. Only need motivates me.

Every time I’ve had interns here, I’ve taken away the very thing that I rely on for motivation. I pay all expenses and provide a fun and comfortable and secure environment, and give very little oversight over their time or work. A recipe for failure.

The hundreds of thousands of dollars lost by not following up on the Kossel is just one example of lost opportunities. If I could just find competent staff or interns or partners to do what I say, there are literally dozens of opportunities at least as good that I have identified. I have several projects already started, that are just on the verge of greatness, but I’m stuck for lack of talented and focused staff.

The motivation problem is funny, in a black ironic humor kind of way. One intern also left after I had given a task that required concrete results, for a project with greater profit potential than the Kossels, and the reason he gave for leaving was that he could not find the motivation to work on that project. The reason it’s funny and ironic is that I had hired him based on his chief skill as a motivation expert. I expected him to be expert in finding motivation to work on my projects and in motivating my staff. Instead he says he is only now motivated to work on his own project, which will be an app about motivation. Dark and twisted irony.

Update: In two days of research I have stumbled upon a way to revolutionize the 3D printing industry, with very high resolution full color printing in a structurally sound material. Update 2 30 seconds later: A little more research shows that my invention is already commercially sold in industrial rapid prototyping machines. However there are not yet any hobbyist 3d printers available with this tech. From my preliminary research it’s looking like it’s doable to change that. A $250,000 dollar industrial machine could be made into a $2500 hobbyist version. And eventually into a sub $1000 version.

Now to get it done. Hiring the tech people in Indonesia will be a huge challenge. I have resumes on hand for the engineers, but I’m not confident that any in Indonesia are qualified for this level of complexity. I’m already looking at incorporating in Bulgaria.

There are a few other 3d printer ideas that I’ve come up with since yesterday that I’m more likely to be able to complete here that the market is ready for. Looking over what is already out there and expanding the knowledge with google fu and holding many ideas in the creative ultra-parallel unconcious mind at once shows how various technologies and innovations can combine.