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Contemplative dominance for the modern man

… take away reasoning and accountability…

Posted by xsplat on July 26, 2013

From TheRedPill reddit:

If a woman got drunk and fell off a roof, would the feminists blame the roof or the house?

If she owns the house, the contractor or the previous owners for not disclosing that the roof is slippery. If she does not own the house, then it falls to the owner and their homeowners insurance.

This is the state of liability law in the United States. Now, who would Feminism blame?

Patriarchy, obviously, but it would be patriarchy as represented by: Her being denied previous experiences on roofs, the alcohol industry and media for glamorizing drinking, the media for glamorizing a romantic image of being on a roof, chauvinistic western architecture, capitalism/keeping up with the Joneses for people opting to have higher more slanted roofs, culture somehow forcing women to develop lower spatial reasoning rather than biology, shoe manufacturers, the fashion industry in general for not making boots with good traction sexy, tile or shingle manufacturers, the government for failing to prevent this tragedy (the building code should make it impossible to fall off a roof), the local university cutting gymnastics and men’s soccer thanks to title IX, foot fetishists for marrying women with small feet for 100s of years resulting in poor balance…

You get the idea. Please note that this is a satire, but it was created by rational thought. The real feminist “answer” would be a pure, shrill emotional appeal that just causes a headache.

They’d blame the man who should have been there to catch her.

Then they will shame him for trying to force her into the traditional role of damsel in distress.

2 Responses to “… take away reasoning and accountability…”

  1. earl said

    Raped by gravity…FTW.

  2. Just Saying said

    “Raped by gravity…”

    Damn it… Now I have to clean soda out of my keyboard – at least it’s diet so no sugar… That’s what happens when you take a drink and read something like this and try to keep from laughing… Great….

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