While modafinil-drunk yesterday I published and deleted a regrettable disorganized ramble.

I’m still over-eager to share the ideas in it. Hope I get them onto the page with less of a stimulant-psychosis mood this time.

The TLDR version of the post:
* Social programming is insidious and has strongly infected Buddhist communities
* Social programming is aided by the group mind conformity and social hierarchies displayed during public talks
* Many of the mystical Buddhist ideas have mundane explanations and frames of reference to understand them, including egolessness and past life experiences.
* Hypnosis and suggestion are very powerful and play a large part in social programming of Buddhist groups.
* Some hypnosis tricks can be done to induce mystical experiences. I have some experiences with that, and recount a few.
* Hypnosis party tricks to induce mystical experiences can be used to induce fast falling in love. I try to describe it.
* I posit that a person needs to be in a state of full authenticity to be able to perform some of the more subtle and extreme hypnosis tricks, and that such a state of authenticity requires that the individual not be diminished through social pressures to conform to expectations that are not in line with his authentic self. ” If I felt compunction to be polite and not look at other sexy girls while with a woman I loved, I’d not be capable of the eye trick.”
* The conclusion of the post spirals back around to saying that you can’t therefore expect monogamy from the bad boy, and girls would not have loved and had sex with that bad boy in the first place, if he was capable of monogamy.

Phew! I’m glad I was able to summarize yesterdays rant.

Over time I’ll add chunks from the ramble here. A reminder again – please don’t read the RSS feeds if you subscribe – I edit after publishing and the edited ready-for-radio version of the song is very different than the drafts. You’ll have to click over to the site to read it.

Begin 2nd rough draft:

“And then she said that it wouldn’t work because it’s broken”

“Uh, who’s she?”


“Uh, what was broken? What wouldn’t work?”

Have you ever listened to a child who still lacks a developed theory of mind recount a story? It will be riddled with assumptions that the listener is inside her frame of reference.

I will try to talk about inducing mystical experiences through hypnotic suggestion, and in doing so I’m afraid I’ll make that child’s error. Many readers won’t have had experiences of floods of energy going up their spine, or sudden silencing of all thoughts, or egolessness, or instant love. I have to barrel ahead as if you do, otherwise the narrative loses momentum.

There are communities that gather around a real life magician. We are told that he is a deliberately-re-incarnated Tulku who has magical powers to open your mind to Enlightenments and Mystical experiences.

I will explain the mundane nuts and bolts of how this works, giving real life personal examples of peak experiences I’ve induced in others.

The peak experiences happen, but the interpretations of them in a Buddhist context are used in aid of the Buddhist Social Programming (which is required for income and religious infrastructure), which I think is unethical – at least if OZ does not at least occasionally peek out from the curtain. He’s not a god – he’s just like you and me, really. And he didn’t exactly CAUSE those mystical experiences. It’s a subtle, but important distinction.

thought snippet to unravel and then weave in:
It’s a whole system of being that allows for me to keep my libido and interest high. Having a lot of sex while in love is extremely addictive to the girl, and leads inevitably to some strong primal bonding emotions. But that feeling of strong romantic love and bonding wouldn’t happen to begin with without the frequent emotionally open sex, which only happens due to the system itself – and that system will make her jealous, confused, hurt and resentful, because it does not match up with her social expectations.

It’s a sad choice girls are often forced to make, and one that’s been talked about often. A girl can EITHER have a strong passionate romance with a “bad boy” lover, OR a stable friendship based monogamous companion.

What you are so moved by, so addicted to, so NEEDING in your entire being as if it were Truth, and Beauty and Goodness itself, only comes in relation to the lover-archetype-man who is in his authentic full flow moment. And the lover-archetype-man only exists for long dependent upon the causes and conditions of a system – a system bigger than you – a system where his love is not a laser beam. It’s a fire. As soon as you tame that fire and try to harness it with mirrors into some semblance of a laser beam, it’s all but totally snuffed out.

That’s beyond the man’s control. He didn’t invent his own brain; he’s merely in the drivers seat of it. He doesn’t have the option to remain in his full flow moment of passion, AND be monogamous. He’s tried. Believe me, we’ve all tried and tried.

Look back at how you fell in love with that man. Can you imagine that seduction happening if he was a virgin? How do you think he learned his ability to fall in mutual love and seduce you so fast, and why do you think it is that no other man had done with you what he did? You know in your heart he had to learn that with other girls. Seduction and love is a skill. A craft and a talent. That talent could not be learned in one lifetime under the rules of serial monogamy. You can’t have the lover archetype without having the lover archetype.

I know it’s nearly impossible to admit to. It’s truly sad, and I feel empathy for how sad that condition is. Women pretty well are doomed to not getting what they want. You can’t fall in passionate romantic love with a monogamous man and keep that spark alive for long.


From yesterdays’s post:

The conversations here have helped me to see things that I didn’t know that I knew, and connections between broad new understandings are being applied to old memories.

Back in the day, I used to hang out with Buddhists, and sometimes a few other ists. We were all about cutting through social programming, and tried to use the sword of insight to cut both ways and cut through spiritual materialism also.

But put people into a group, and BAM! Instant conformity. I’m at the very extreme edge of the bell curve for non-conformity for a non-psychotic, and it choicelessly happened to me too.

Group mind.

I was watching some old talks given by a lineage holder today, and was shocked to see my new perspective. Same talk, different man watching them.

The questioners to a man, to a woman, subordinate themselves to the teacher, and the entire audience acts as one to support anything that the teacher says.

I then watched the same dynamic for another speaker in a more new-age group.

Another tumbler clicked open with the realization that well studied group dynamics of group hypnosis were often at play; sometimes imbuing the speaker with magical powers.

Mesmer studied this hundreds of years ago, and Western psychology has been trying since then to refine ideas about suggestion. It’s extremely powerful, and in many settings is also completely invisible.

I clicked on a youtube of a older student of the now dead Big Teacher. I’ve studied with him over the years, and have butted heads with him in class. Which is VERY rare. Students almost never really have open public disagreements with teachers of spiritual subjects, especially of those teachers are considered spiritual teachers.

The peer pressure is just too great; so great that it becomes invisible; you don’t feel it, you don’t see it, you don’t taste it. You become it, and then it’s just the water you swim in.

You are just honestly doing your damnedest to get to the truth, oblivious to the machinery of group hypnosis and brainwashing; social programming.

This elder teacher was talking about an often talked about subject, how most all of his group of students were often absolutely terrified to talk to his Guru.

That is hypnosis. That is expectation. Group mind affecting your own perceptions. We have thousands of years of well documented tight cohesive group hallucinations and mental agreements about fantastical events. From laughing fits that take over entire towns for days and days, to naked dancing compulsion fits that infect towns, to seeing angels, ghosts, teachers changing color, and so on.

The Guru could just be sitting there, doing nothing differently than any average Joe. But because he’s in costume and the Group-Mind perceives of him as having literal magical powers, and have talked him up as being ego-destroying and mind-exploding, you can have those experiences around him.

There can be more to it then that, but there doesn’t HAVE to be. Such conditions are entirely sufficient to cause many of the wild drugless trips people have. Certainly enough to cause something as mundane as anxiety. Yet people feel as if they are in a special in-group of mystical knowledge, to have merely sat beside a Guru, and especially to be so sensitive as to have heightened anxiety.

As Susan studied, the mind has unbelievable capacities. And ordinary people can have events trigger extra-ordinary mind expanding experiences that seem to defy all explanations. But it’s not the finger – it’s the gun. YOU are the gun.

Group mind can be as subtle as expectations of a shared philosophy, or as extreme as lucid dreaming in the daytime, in groups. It can be pointed out in an exaggerated way by attending a hypnosis entertainer’s show.

The spiritual teacher adept has learned a few more hypnotic tricks. I’ve induced Kundalini in others many many times. I’ve had people feel my reiki type off the body touch as if it were strong physical pressure – many many times. I’ve done “the eye trick” where I deliberately invoke tunnel vision in a girl, as she looks me in the eye. Many many times.

People have asked me how to do “the eye trick”. It’s the wrong question. Most of what is done is subconscious. A big part of it is noticing when it would work. Your body just has this certainty that it would work right now, and you explain what you are going to do, and then the girl gets weak in the knees and you have to help keep her from falling down. You know how to rally the subconscious processes, and when, but you don’t know why or what you know, exactly. You have to create yourself into something so that the person can empathize – if that something is dramatic, she’ll have a dramatic experience. The eye trick is not so much technique as it is presence – it’s not what you do, it’s who you are. For me sometimes it felt as if I had a muscle in the back of my eye. Other times I felt as if I were looking into and connecting to her soul which was innately love, as we all are. While I did it I changed my own consciousness. So asking how do you do that is tough to answer, as it’s kind of the wrong question. How do you be that is closer to a meaningful question.

People can have experiences of depersonalization, peace, non-duality, awareness expansion and out of body experiences, induced by the hypnotist.

It happens all the time, because we have a brain, and brains do those things. No other worldly realms involved, no time travel or ESP. I mean, ya, the hypnotist needs personal familiarity with the experiences to pull off the micro expressions believably enough to pull the trigger in another person of sympathetic mirror-neurons resonance. You may have to actually feel Kundalini to invoke a sympathetic response in others. But the innate ability to feel Kundalini is the gun, not the finger pulling the trigger, and much trigger pulling happens with no knowledge on the side of guru – he can even be dead, staring out from a casket.

Using this conceptual map is important, because if we interpret the experiences literally, it’s the same as using emotions to decide on what is true. We can’t take our first impressions at face value. Yes, pictures on the wall can turn 3-dimensional and you can feel an intensely intimate connection of expanding awareness. No, it’s not because of a real teacher in the picture.

After making a comment that surprised myself, that mentioned that egolessness without emotion could actually already be somewhat understood by Western psychology with their understanding of depersonalization and derealization, I spent some hours on youtube listening to people talk about their first hand experience with depersonalization.

Shinzen Young says is an ordained monk and teacher who talks about his own ongoing egolessness enlightenment experience and says that in his opinion depersonalization and the enlightenment egolessness experience is exactly the same, with the only difference being that those with depersonalization also have high anxiety. Egolessness with anxiety, or depersonalization, has been well known to happen to meditators for hundreds (or thousands?) of years. In the meditative traditions you treat it by increasing the insight into emptiness of the fear. He claims near perfect success in treating those afflicted, yet says that he has never tried and is uncertain if such treatment would work for those who came upon depersonalization spontaneously or outside of a meditative path.

There was an edge of humor to hear the many speakers discuss their experiences of depersonalization, as many were familiar to me, although without such anxiety; especially as the effect of taking LSD. I remember eloquently explaining to my buddies and my brothers buddies how sometimes on acid it feels like “it isn’t me that’s talking”. Many got quite excited and were thrilled and relieved to have someone put into words so clearly their own personal experience.

Even more interesting was how one of the speakers broadened out his definition of depersonalization to include hyper awareness, plus he included several neurotic tendencies, all under the same umbrella. It was funny – he was somewhat describing me as a teenager.

Many years ago I read the website of a woman who once had seen the entire universe in an ever expanding self out of body experience. That’s a real thing, that is well known to happen to people, exactly as is your life flashing before your eyes – literally reliving all of your life in an instant.

That experience drove Susan Blackmore to devote her life to doing proper scientific research on everything related.

It’s a MUST read website. If you have not read it, you are not educated. Plain and simple. Without that knowledge, you do not have an accurate mental map of reality or the human condition.

I once had an online forum discussion with someone who had long personal experience with having a life flash before his eyes in an instant – except for him it was not his life. Always someone new. He considered his experiences definitive proof of past lives.

Susan would have other interpretations of his facts.

Put together group hypnosis, depersonalization, and the new undestandings of past life and out of body experiences, and that TOTALLY recontextualizes Buddhism!

Holy shit, what an incredible mind fuck Buddhism is! I remember meeting a guy who had preceeded me as the resident hard-core long term fanatic meditator at the Buddhist Monastery that was my center of residence for a few years. He casually laughed off his term as “some crazy searching for emptiness, instead of getting a job”. He was very cheerful and dismissive. I was still very serious about the crazy search, so his take was a new kind of fish slap to my face.

I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and I’ve read and re-read all of Ken Wilbers work so I’m intimately familiar with his take on the pre-trans fallacy.

But even the most ardent non-social programming spiritual group out there; the Buddhists, are soaked through and through with social programming so thick they are walking underwater.

It must come across as narcissistic delusions to keep saying that I have magical powers to make girls fall in love with me.

Falling in love is a common mystical experience, that also has common similar triggers to spark off. A big part of it is simply recognizing the timing of receptivity. And then, just as with a stage hypnotist, you have to fully KNOW that it will work. You know that not by a chosen belief system – it’s all subconscious – it’s recognizing signals that you are familiar with, and then broadcasting signals that you are familiar with.

You can blow girls minds with eyes. On the first date, people can fall in love. I’ve had it happen so many times that I just take it for granted, and it’s not boasting or delusion, it’s simply narrative.

Hypnosis is a broad hand-wave that doesn’t mean much. But it’s a very useful hand wave, to put certain events into a category. A very useful category – much more useful than believing in the experiences themselves to give you the narrative!

Lest I come across as a monster, I must say that I fall in love while I do the eye trick – it’s personally dangerous to myself also. It is a spiritual experience, on both sides. It’s not a charlatans game. And I’m not “mis-using” spiritual powers for “ego” purposes. I’m just a guy, doing guy things, who paid enough attention to notice what he is doing. To the point that it’s repeatable.

I know it’s unbelievable to many, or most – especially to those who have never fallen in mutual love. “What the fuck?! I call Bullshit! You can’t so quickly and easily induce and maintain and grow genuine falling in love! All those girls who moved in on the first date were after money, glitch-glatch-glorch – even if they were not!”

People don’t take the arts of love near seriously enough.

They can’t. Because of social programming.

What I do is a thing – a real thing – a thing I could not POSSIBLY have learned through long term serial monogamy.

You can’t be a hypnotist and be in the borg, socially programmed, at the same time. If I felt compunction to be polite and not look at other sexy girls while with a woman I loved, I’d not be capable of the eye trick.

Please see https://xsplat.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/dilating-your-pupils-at-will-with-desmont-morris/ .

You can not deliberately dilate your pupils. But you CAN deliberately dilate your whole being, and channel love through your eyes, and your pupils dilate while that happens.

It takes a man’s full being – full potential – his true fullest authentic self to do the eye trick. It comes from all of him.

You can’t even have an “all-of-you” if you are inside the borg. You need your authentic self – which is an IDENTITY. Not a duty, not a performance, not a social grace. A flow moment of personal truth, full personal truth.

If you let someone guilt trip away your personal truth, you lose your hypnotic powers, and you lose your self.

This is a big, life changing deal for people, to fall in love as a virgin, to fall in love as a girl whose had hundreds of cocks – to want to die and live an afterlife with a man. It’s not a parlor trick.

And yet it can’t happen under their rules. It simply CAN’T.


It happened again today; I was out of the borg-bubble. Out of the water. I simply became visually aroused by an ass, and felt how open and inherently good that feeling was, throughout my body and mind. And since I had been playing house as a good boy for some months with V, I had the contrast of lugging around that constant background expectation of who I should be, with being ME properly. Properly being aroused, without constant vigilance against being aroused by anyone “forbidden”. In her frame no good boy could be feeling what I was, tautologically.

It’s a relief to get my head above water, and looking back feel a bit irritated for the whole societal programming that got me in water in the first place.

True love by definition is always a laser beam, according to the jealous. No one can actually have a big heart. And if a man’s feelings lack perfect focus, he’s mean and bad. Somehow.

“If a guy sees another girl, he’s hurting you horribly, and must a sociopath, incapable of empathy!”

Nope. He could be generously giving you all the time that you ask for, and treat you well every moment you are together. He didn’t hurt YOU, or do anything to you. He did something to someone ELSE. You were not even in the room. Chances are the only reason you got hurt is from your own lack of respect for his boundaries and privacy and through spying.

The belief systems of the monogamous minded are held with the tenacity of true believers who believe in literal interpretations of the Holy-Fairy-Tale. An emotional instinct given form through mass-hysteria. “We all saw the Angel and only Sociopaths Cheat! Our emotions are held by a group, therefore the narrative we give to the emotions is True!”

For true believers, even if clear evidence of the beliefs falsehood can be irrefutably presented, in a billion different ways, the True Believers will stubbornly remain firm in Faith.

Social programming water that the fish don’t know they are swimming in.

And I’m not insensitive to V’s plight. She is tormented and was as in love as a girl can be. Infidelities caused her great anguish, and breaking up with me, at age 26, after three years of dating and moving towards marriage and babies, wasn’t a trivial thing. Painful for me too to lose my mate.

And more than my own missing her, it causes me much pain to think of her in pain. Horrible.

But in her mind I could not possibly be feeling as I describe, because even though she initiated the breakup, I must be a sociopath. Classic BPD idealization and demonization. And so classically female. Hell hath no fury like a woman spurned – even if she only feels spurned.

I’m frustrated by the role imposed on me, but I consciously and carefully agreed to that imposition. I thought it was worth a try. In a way it was, as it bought me more time with V. Even after writing hundreds of blog posts on non-monogamy and years of experience with different relationship arrangements, I was still freshly surprised to learn how irritating and slow boil soul destroying it is to be expected to be a one-woman’s-feelings-first-good-boy.

In many ways she’d make a great wife, and I really did give that option a preliminary shot. It’s heartbreaking that it was simply not possible, because she is so socially programmed that that’s the ONLY way things could continue, and I can’t re-wire myself to match that script. It’s worse than that though; the lover archetype that she thinks is what you get in a marriage is not what you get in a monogamous marriage, for anyone.