Chat conversation today with a friendly attractive girl who has a boyfriend:

What’s her name? The girl with the long black hair?

My friend, N. I’m single.
No ring.
Not married means single, right?

hahaha yeah that’s true in a formal way (papers and document) things

That’s maybe not really true in casual way. Some people called it relationships, or can be affair, or something else.

What do you call it when there is no monogamy contract?
We don’t even have a word yet…
Oh ya. Open relationship.
That’s it.
Similar to single, but less lonely.

But also in open relationship, both part know that they are in an open relationship, like in “polygamy way”.


So, single different than open relationship, then?

I guess the same, except not alone

Well, in my point of view, it’s different between “single” and “open relationship”

I guess so. Open relationship people have a hard time with rules, it seems.

yeah, sounds complicated!

Better stories to look back on in old age.

But you were in “relationship” before (with V), right? Or what?

Yes, I was.
Tried to be a good boy, too.

It was “relationship”, not “open relationship”??


How’s it being a good boy?

Mostly good. For a while.
How’s it being a good girl?

Mostly good. Feel like an angel.

Angels are the best to corrupt.

That’s stupid angel. There are also smart angel.

Smart Angel always appears angelic

Like what?

hehe. Either to only others, or maybe even to herself.
Either way, it’s a nice game to play. A nice mask.

So, you mean, smart angel is just a mask?

What do you think?

Not in general. Mostly yep, just mask. but some are really smart and angelic, just a few, so few.

Ya, I used to be.
Until my mask fell off. Before that I didn’t even know it was a mask!

You used to be what?

An angel.
Real one

But your mask fell off?

Ya. Thank God!

You believe in god?

Thank goodness!

seriously lol