Probably a cool guy asking a normal question asks:

Are you ok with a woman cheating on you? Just wondering.

Just wondering if you read the blog post.

An aside:

There was a long time commentor here who used to only ask questions, for a few years, until one day I mentioned that I thought he was asking for more value than he was contributing, and suggested that he contribute more of his own thoughts and insights and opinions, instead of purely restricting himself to asking questions.

I think he felt that insulting, and stopped commenting here.

There are some types of questions that are even more value asking than others. Because the questions are opaque to the questioners position, and don’t really provoke insight. Some questions are good and by themselves provoke insight.

Your question falls hard into the category of asking without giving.

I don’t want to be rude, and probably shouldn’t single you or this question out as an example, but it’s something that happens all the time with commentors.

I feel they take the blog poster for granted. Some of my companions do the same; always asking questions, probing me, but rarely if ever telling their own stories.

I think that discourse is a social bargain of fair trade.

So here’s how I would word your question;

I understand this part of your post “quote”, but am not clear if it also means that you don’t also get jealous. And jealousy aside, what about ethics? Oops! Sorry – I see that you already very clearly talked about that, both in the main post, and the comment section! My bad!

My feelings on it are this “asdfasdfasd”, and this is why “asdfasdfasfd” and this happened in my life recently that is an example of my feelings and insights, and here “asdfasdfasdf” is where our ideas might seem at odds.

I put a lifetime of personal development crafting myself into the person who would be capable to write such a post, then put in careful time and expert well developed energy into writing it.

And in return for that I get what? That brief opaque question that was already answered in full?

It’s very lazy and I’d say borders on rude. Very similar to pan-handling without offering even a marble in return.

Also, cheating is a loaded adjecto-verb. Infidelity and cheating mean two different things, so you’d have to spend quite a lot more time crafting a careful question if you want to communicate in a fair two-directional exchange.

Again, sorry to single you out – I’m sure we’d get along great and you meant no disrespect, and I know we share similar lifestyles and you’re a long time reader. I’m just using your comment as a spring board to talk about an issue.