A big part of the pleasure of writing is the feeling of communion.  Communion is an important drug, social need, spiritual experience, component of a sane life.  I get some of my biggest kicks from writing when I succeed in having an audience feeling as if we are sharing the human condition.  That we are not alone.  Someone gets us, understands us, is going through the same thing.

Alcoholism is rather impossible to explain to non-alcoholics.  The videos below are the best I’ve ever seen in giving a sense of why people drink, and how that slowly turns into alcoholism, and how difficult that is to get out of.

A lot of people who stop drinking are helped by lying to themselves.  And if you are going to lie to yourself it’s much easier if you do it by lying, VERY LOUDLY to others.  People say that you can be just as happy and sociable without it.  That you don’t need it.  All you have to do is to learn new habits.  Alcohol is just a “crutch”, that serves no real purpose.

That’s fucking bullshit.  Alcohol is great!  For some of us, especially those with high social anxiety, it is transformative and a godsend.  It quite obviously has an effect. We’ve had experiences with it we’d not have had without it.  Fantastic stuff.

If alcohol wasn’t great, there would be no alcoholics!

I’m a bit lucky, I suppose, in that after long abstinence I don’t get cravings much.  I have my triggers – old haunts that I frequently drank at, including the beach, can bring on a strong desire.  But I don’t have to take things one day at a time as a constant battle against a looming bottle.

Regardless of how much you drink, I think you’ll find these videos either informative or reassuring in how you not alone.

Some of you might also consider the videos as cautionary.  I doubt any alcoholic thought it could ever happen to him.





I take low dose naltrexone before sleep, for immune regulation reasons.  It’s also recommended to combat addiction.

The Ted talk below talks about a woman who used naltrexone in a different way to successfully treat her addiction.

Naltrexone is easy enough to get.