The stories I could tell about racism in SEA.


I once required a lawyer in Thailand, and had to hire a translator to speak with him. After the meeting the translator told me that the lawyer had told her that he planned to throw me under the bus so that he could keep charging fees while I languished in prison.

The lawyer’s racism was bad enough, but not the incredible thing. The incredible thing is that he assumed that all Thais shared his racism.

I’ve heard it spoken of countless times; racism in SEA is EXTREMELY high.

Of course some Imams are extreme and advocate bombing us, and the Bali bombers actually had quite a bit of support.  I have to wonder what the less extreme Imams impart as permanently ingrained “knowledge” to impressionable young Indonesian minds, and then constantly repeat as the in-group message throughout a lifetime.

It can be fucking scary and dangerous at times. We really aren’t seen as humans, by some people. And many people simply take it for granted that this is a proper attitude.

It’s freaking weird when there is zero empathy.

Watch the youtube if you don’t believe that is is a common feature of the human condition.