I just woke from a dream where I was explaining the meditation practice that I’d been doing.

“I was feeling sweet in my heart, like sunshine, but while you are safe in your room. Sweet like Winnie the Pooh.” In the dream the image flashed to seeing a crib by the window, and I was taken back to innocent carefree memories of feeling safe and loved and self loved and sweet.

I used to hang out in large crowds of Buddhists who practiced Tonglen, and studied about Maitri, Bodhicitta, Vipassana, and Prajna. During the daily Tonglen practice, we would breath in and feel in our hearts various negative feelings, and then breath out the most positive. People were taught to breathe in the negative feelings of other people, and help them by transforming them to positive ones that were given out, but I never quite saw the point of that. I just did it in the abstract; the emotions were mine and I had no pretensions to be saving the world with them.

Many years later I came to the conclusion that all that fine feeling into breathing in the bad feelings was over-doing it, and reinforcing circuits of feeling bad. It’s great to be sensitive to your heart, and great to have abilities to conjure up and quickly transform and change moods within that felt emotional organ, but creating and maintaining intricate castles of negative emotion over and over is kinda dumb.

Later I learned the Chi-kung (as far as I know all Chinese meditations are called chi-kung, just as all Indian meditations are called yoga) of the inner smile. It was tonglen without the in-breath. You simply focus on the heart and feel a smile there.

At age twelve I had discovered the hypnosis section of the library, and after much study and practice of self hypnosis created some of my own self hypnosis tapes. They were about feeling love in various parts of my body. I distinctly also recall that masturbation at that time was often very loving.

At age 11 my Grandparents flew me out to visit them. Meeting and spending time with my Grandma was a life changing – whole being changing – event. She is literally incredibly loving. For the first time in my life I could share strong love with a maternal figure. That’s how it’s supposed to be! So obvious, so natural, and absent my whole life! God, had I craved and missed that, year after year.

At age 6 I sometimes would cry myself to sleep out of want for maternal love. Even explaining that to my mother at the time had no effect. She could see my tears and I was quite articulate and precocious and explained perfectly well why I was crying.

She just wasn’t capable of love.

There are some evil memes in the manosphere. Truly evil.

1) Alpha fucks and beta bucks
2) Dark triad traits are useful to incorporate into seduction and by extention life

Recently burned or forever spurned impressionable men externalize their suffering and blame women for only really being sexually attracted to “thugs”, and feel undervalued for their family oriented concerns.


Genuinely EVIL.

I’ve explained in this blog many times why the ideas are more wrong than right, so I won’t repeat here.

I have met many people who chanced upon meeting some Tibetan lama in an airplane or somewhere, who were so blown away by the Maitri emanating from the man that they had full body mind expanding and blowing experiences that not only altered their conception of reality but caused an immediate and dramatic alteration to the course of their lives.

Loving kindness is HUGE!
Imagine if you had just 1/10th of the power of loving kindness that those great Tibetan masters had? How much more helpful for seduction than narcissism, psycopathy, and machiavelianism would that be?

I can tell you with authority that many Tibetan teachers get laid like rock stars. Of course the status of the position is a big part of it, but they honestly believe, and it can be honestly true, that they are teaching at their highest ability lessons of the highest caliber during sex and relationship.

If I could bottle just the fruits of my 30 years of kundalini and chi-kung practice, I’d be wealthy beyond measure. You can’t buy a drug that allows you to shoot energy up your spine at will. You can’t download a video movie, game, or porn that fills the heart with a precious jewel. There is no mechanical sexual technique and not even the hottest and most expert sex partner will bring about the 1000 times more powerful strong intense ecstasies of chi-kung sex.

Imagine a girl who was incapable of love, and incapable of any relationship other than physical flings or using guys for reward. It won’t be hard, and I’m sure you know her name.

Are you that girl, with a dick?

Imagine your dream girl. How does she behave around you, your friends, parents, and children.

Are you that girl with a dick?

Your dream girl is complex and evolved. If she was not well brought up she had to do a lot of work to bring her self up and fix all the broken pieces and put them together properly.

She is loving, highly erotic, friendly, and fun to be around.

People are extremely good at picking up on subtle cues. Being loving is a profound ability. Most people not only can’t do it, but have no idea what it would even begin to feel like.

Love is not a want for attention. It isn’t being jealous. It isn’t longing. It’s something that you can feel when you are completely alone, with no object to love – not even a teddy bear. It a feeling in your heart, an inner glowing smile, that is sweet, and a bit sad. That feeling can grow until your heart can no longer encompass it, and it spreads out past your chest and down through your arms into your palms, and out your eyes, until it seems to come back at you from the colors that are all around.


I’m recently recovering from psychopaths working to steal from and ruin and persecute me. And hanging around too much with unworthy women. I actually needed to shut down and not feel so much. I did a lot of drinking and some pharmaceuitcals to take the edge off at first.

I stopped all drinking three months ago, and have better companionship. The psychopaths are at bay, and I’m living semi-retired while I slowly convalesce and get my nervous system towards normal.

Now I’ve taken up chi-kung again.

It’s always freshly dramatic and amazing the differences of being embodied in a chi-kung body compared to a normal one.

If I tried to explain it it would be so far outside of others experience that a good percentage would think it was pure fabrication. Another good percentage would blow it off as the self indulgent hallucinations of a talented mad man.

Squeeze your thumb right now, 70% as hard as you can. That is how much sensation I currently feel, while typing this, at the base of my spine.

And that’s nothing; that’s just sitting here. If I were to continue my practice deeply for three months I’d build up complex systems of fantom limbs that were wired in through the kinesthetic sense to map onto using synethesia many aspects of what is normally subconscious. Very fine emotional and energetic control, and profoundly more present being and feeling.

I don’t like to be that way unless I have access to lots of high quality sex with partners who are up to it. When you get that plugged in to energies, you don’t go through periods of getting sexually aroused, and then release. There is no off switch. You are always horny. And the chi-kung starts to continue even during sleep.

It’s not good to feel strongly when your life is pushing you to feel bad. I need things around me to be in order for all of that, and they pretty well are now.

I used to fear that I’d die without ever passing any of this info along. Luckily one of my interns was a quick study student. I gave him a nudge in the right direction, and his self learning took off.

It’s a shame that the seduction community has not picked up on the meditative technologies.

The meditative techs usually work by amplifying ancient evolved mental circuits. In particular there are devotional meditations, which hijack our wiring to love parental figures. There are loving kindness meditations, which build upon the foundations of feeling paternal love.

And Tibetans have some secret meditations that incorporate hot young bodies and lust.

It’s quite a lot easier to incorporate love into life with a woman. Love plus lust is powerful. Women love to be looked upon with a gaze that eats them up in appreciation by a man who emmanates both dangerous self interest and a profundity of warmth.