I’ve met people who are quite a bit smarter than me. It’s a bit uncomfortable. Nobody likes every reference to go over their heads at worst, or to take 5 seconds too long to get at best. It’s uncomfortable to be in a crowd talking about a subject that I not only did not study, but felt was above my ability to study.

My father talking to my cousins makes me feel very inadequate.  They talk about math like it’s gossip.  He watches the concert grade pianist show off a composition and keeps saying things like “I see what you did there.”  He’s obviously smarter than me, but I’ve met smarter; too smart for me to even guess how smart they are. I mean to be able to know what it means.

The bell curve extends to the far right far past what I will ever be able to imagine.

And that’s just this decade, when tech improvements are limited to cell phones and laptops. Everything is hardware. Meat can be upgraded too.

Much has been written about IQ. Today I took a relaxing work holiday to read peoples experiences about dating stupid mates. Unsurprisingly 35% of comments expressed hostility and outright incomprehention of of the frustration that comes from IQ differential communcation problems. INEVITABLE problems. Read for comprehension, stupid people – the smart can not dum down their concepts to you with vocabulary or slow speach. You can’t understand them. It’s not their fault. It’s not their arrogance.

The 160+ D15IQ person may often feel that they have made a compelling case, yet the listener is not convinced.  This may cause frustration in the the 160+ D15IQ person that may be perceived as different expressions to the audience, such as arrogance, condescension, etc.

There is evidence that there is a new species of human that has a gigantic head. And the IQ is well above mine, and most likely yours. They are innately and permanently isolated from society. It’s very difficult to be isolated. No matter how smart you are. Many studies of the extremely high IQ have shown severe social isolation. It’s not their fault.

This will explain better than I can:


… It also suggests that the right side fat tail may be the result of a secondary population with a mean R16IQ of 155.  The implied mean cranial volume for the population is 1,686cc.  This may be evidence of sympatric speciation caused by assortive mating with regard to intelligence.  A slight increase in mean cranial volume to 1,781 will result in a cranial difference between the H. megacephalus and H. sapiens that is identical to the difference between H. sapiens and H. erectus.  In other words, the next evolutionary step may already be emerging.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being humble. I don’t even know what humble means. I think it means internalizing some bullshit and obviously fake ethos of trying not to insult people by making them feel inferior. Even if they are.

How nice. Let’s all get along, even if we are fundamentally inconpatible. Use small words so that you won’t be ostracised. Or slaned, as often happens; mass cultural extermination of the intelligentia. Pol Pot. Mao. Every dictactor or person or group who understood the real threat to their power and did something about it. Schoolyard bullies. We all do our best for power.

It’s the economy and population that’s allowing a new evolution of humans. Niven’s classic Sci-Fi tale Ringworld explained how population speeds up evolution time. The link below will re-iterate Heinleins idea about the Jews and money. That classes of people breed for money. Ya. He said that. He could get away with saying almost anything. Because he said it well. He even talked about incest. And no other human can do that.

I’m a low level genius, which is smart enought to know I’m that relative to some I have the mental capacity of a young child. I’ve known that for nearly ask long as I’ve known that I’m smarter than most. In some classrooms I wasn’t the smartest, and the smartest were obviously quite a lot smarter than me; a few looked down on me from clouds higher than I look down on the stupid average. I’m two or three or four standard deviations above average, whatever that means, and that kind of difference can keep happening above my head.

High school computer class exposed us. Some people coded as fast as they could type, and didn’t need to keep running their code to check for errors. Actually one guy blew the whole high school out of the water. Another was great. Another very good. I was merely better than most of the rest. Still a relative idiot. The superstar was in a world of his own.


This would be a good time to point out that the psycological tests for narcissism were written by midwits who have no concept that some people have an accurate self conception of truly being better. Only a politician could say “All men are created equal”, and only a dim to mid-wit could vomit and demand group regurgitation and re-swallowing of the ideal of democratic equality convincingly to the captive audience.