There is a cultural aversion to noticing differences.  Men and women are supposed to be identical.  People with different heritages are supposed to be evolutionarily identical.  The politically correct thought is that we don’t live in a physical world and don’t have physical minds.  We live in “environments” and everything is nothing but thoughts influencing thoughts.  We could be anything if only we were trained that way.  There is no gender.  There is no genius.  There is only equality.

An extremely ill conceived and fundamentally stupid comment on my last post:

They were just checking to see if you weren’t hungry.

That’s a gesture that’s arguably more valuable than anything your creativity can give.

You could write hundreds of books, publish millions of songs, compose a thousand ballads, introduce people to any delightful fantasies, recall your adventures in Canada, and it wouldn’t even scratch the amount of pleasure/eutility that would be given to anyone else if they have had a nice piece of fruit while watching the sunset.

I wonder if you actually believe that, or if you are just trying to be contrary.

Let’s go with that you actually believe what you just said. Think of the implications.

It means that YOU don’t get much pleasure from books or music.

It means that YOU don’t get much pleasure from art.

Yes, there really are people like YOU.

And there are people very, very, very different than YOU.

I come across people all the time who not only don’t have an active mental life, but who consider mental activity boring to the point of painful. They are unwilling to even begin to imagine that some people get great pleasure in thinking. They certainly don’t get that pleasure!

It’s like talking to a wall to try to explain to such people that some of us think for fun. We actually enjoy it!

And we derive ongoing pleasure and satisfaction from the great works of others. Our life would be miserably impoverished without the science, art, philosophy, music and other great works that we constantly enrich ourselves with.

No sunset or pear can replace or surpass the richness of the mind.

Thank you to all the creatives! I’m very grateful. I’m listening, learning your science, and grooving along to your poetry and music. Keep up the good work.