Ch ch ch ch changes. Turn to face the strange changes.

Time may change me. But I can’t change time.

A press release was widely re-written as original news throughout the mass media a few years back.  The buzz was about a paper published in some psych journal which claimed that introverts are introverted because they are smart enough to not need support from society.

It’s ironic that the paper got regurgitated without comment by all the “journalists”.  The irony is that each journalist, from the hundreds of outlets that chose to cover the story, had nothing unique to add.  They each added a touch of stylistic flair to their writing, but other than that…

They were writing about how creative people are different, and yet were not being creative while “reporting” about the subject.

A few years back I had smoked some pot and swallowed some tianeptine, and commenced to play ping ping with Aaron at my villa in Bali.  He thought I was insane when I started talking about how I was creatively hallucinating colorful patterns upon the speeding ping pong ball.

Bro.  Do you even improv?

When I was a child, I had to learn how to not wet my bed. The only option that I could think of was to learn how to lucid dream. It’s obvious. I didn’t read a book about lucid dreaming. I just didn’t want to wet my bed.

Most people that I meet don’t even remember their dreams.

That psych paper may have been fluff, but I think it was onto something.  There are different classes of humans.  We are really different.  The creative class is permanently lonely and alienated.  Unless they manage to somehow group.

When I’m half asleep, a massively insanely fast multi-parallel intelligence arises.  I’m 50 now, so it’s no surprise that this part of my brain can leak out even when I’m not asleep, after all this time.  Yes, I can have open eyed hallucinations that are under my conscious control.  To a degree, and at times.  Why not?

As a kid I noticed that other kids did not write fictional tales.  That was just weird.  I wrote them.  I can spin off tales like mad.

I can dream.

I can create new music endlessly.  I do that.  Every day.

I’ve noticed that great musicians talk about their accomplishments as if in the third person.  They are proud.  Without shame they are proud.  Becuause nobody knows or understand where the muse comes from.  This creativity is not owned.  It comes to us.  And for some of us it ALWAYS comes to us.  Constantly.

I’ve heard it said that introverts don’t like to hear other people talk to us, because other people are more boring than our own inner voices.

That’s mostly true.

The real truth is that we love to hear other creative people talk to us.  We just find that most people are not the same as us; most people don’t improv.  They are not worth listening to.

“Did you eat today?”

Over and over in Indonesia people ask me if I ate.  Shut Up!  Please shut up.  My own inner voice is far more interesting.  Your concern is an imposition upon my time and awareness.  Say something interesting or say nothing. Concern is not interesting

If you have nothing to say, then don’t say it.  Most people are just monkeys in a forest babbling out noises that mean little more than “I’m here.  I’m over here.  I’m still here”.

I don’t care.  I know you are there.  Shut up about it.  Yes, I ate.  Anything else?

Some of us are in a state of permanent puberty. Constantly re-inventing ourselves and re-discovering fundamental relationships to this world.

We are not same as  you.  We are not boring.  Don’t bore us.

Create something new, NOW, or shut up, now.