Warm wishes to all my friends and readers.

It’s traditional as the calendar end approaches to pick up the entirety of it and look it over. Re-read the book of the year, before writing a new one.

This year for me was marked by hope, struggle, loss, crisis, and re-balancing. Just in time for the season of joy the themes are shifting again into good expectations.

I’ve been quite ill the last few weeks with dysbiosis coupled with Crohn’s. Today is not the day to blog about the details of how I manage both chronic conditions, so I’ll just summarize that I’m ill today but once again on the road to recovery.

Being ill has dramatically changed my focus. My libido has been completely dead, which opened up space for other interests and passions. There is so much to learn about! It’s delicious. Current interests are about science and futurism, which leads into unending forks of particle and astro-physics. It’s fascinating stuff. These two Youtube channels have been all that I’ve been watching:



I prefer to download all the videos using Youtube DL and save them to my multimedia player, so that I can use the handy remote for pausing and re-winding to enable frequent Wikipedia breaks. What an amazing world. So much of this knowledge is new, and how we now access it is new. None of this was available in my local library as a teenager.

Being endlessly curious is harmful to my business. I can’t focus on any one thing for long; there is too much new and unrelated stuff to learn about!

But being endlessly curious is great for my business. I’m always coming across bigger and better business options. A common cycle for me is to start 10 projects, focus on four, make money with one or two, lose interest and mis-manage until I get a financial crisis, and then resolve the crisis with a newly discovered business opportunity. Of course I always have steady income which is several times more than I need to live on, but it’s always tempting to over-reinvest. In the past I’ve coasted until I had to wonder what do with the savings, but for the last two years I’ve been very aggressive with R&D and long term business investments, to the point of living on the edge.

I recently resolved a short term crisis in a way that is opening doors. There are some gigantic opportunities. In addition to the science, I’m also studying another endlessly deep and fascinating field. I wish I had some guys here to share it with, both for fun and because there is so much to be done.

I’ve had guys out here working on some businesses before, and at minimum we all had some of the best times of our lives. There was a lot that went very well. Business wise it didn’t always work great, but overall for me has been profitable. I’ve had to pull back from working with a team of Westerners as I needed to re-group. I’ll come at it again with more resources and better opportunities. I was always able to be a good host in the past, but next time there will be more opulence, plus better opportunities. I’ll be upping the game substantially. Once again the vision will be a lifestyle oriented tribe, but we’ll have better vetting and some tough ongoing goals that will need to be met in order to stay. I need to be in more of a buyers market as an employer. As of now it’s a sellers market; good people are hard to find.

I see girls, beaches, posh villas, lavish expense accounts, and well oiled connections.

In summary, it’s been a quiet year here, with some dashed hopes and some troubles. Coming out of the end of the tumultuous year I’m strangely satisfied. So much progress that I had planned on in some ventures has moved far too slowly. But I do have some complete and nearly complete prototypes of cool stuff. Strangely those are not the cause of the year ending on an upswing. It was my dangerous addiction to new knowledge that opened up entirely new vistas that have nothing to do with all my past efforts that brings me to a better place.

The old efforts will get new infusions of capital and personnel. They will be handled on a totally new level. The new efforts will dwarf the old to make them financially redundant and more of a lifestyle hack.

Ok, that’s my update from Indonesia. Hope to meet more of you guys in person this year.