Whoever produced this song was heavily influenced by Phil Spector.

I’m very impressed by the contrasting moods and the integration of the moods into the wall.  There is a the healing soothing motherly comforting lulaby womans voice.  The angry yet soulful, nearly tearful yet firm and hard male voice. Can he do that inspired performance on command?!  The strings mix with male voices into a blend you have to strain your ear at to pick apart.  I’m reminded of the Sopranos by the story that comes from the strings; a moody mixture of resignation to loss and pain  and an embrace of the fighters spirit to win anyway.

Notice how the wall of sound cuts back to simplicity at times.  Notice how the wall introduces itself and you don’t even notice the wall hitting you.  This is genius level producing.

This song is the product of not just an amazing talent of a vocalist.  Not just every word perfect song writing.  There was a Phil Spector level talent of producing behind this.

I didn’t google it yet.