I spotted an opportunity to build and sell a product on Kickstarter about a year ago.  I lacked the resources in manpower and financing to get it built.  This month another team launched their version on Kickstarter and have earned over 600k from their campaign so far.

That’s good news and bad news.  It means I’m on the right track with re-investing every penny I earn and skating a razor thin line between being in the black and the red each month.

It also means the market for that item is large enough to allow competition.

It feels as if I’m trying to get to critical mass by adding one gram of uranium per day.  You need between 15 and 600 kilos of uranium, depending on the grade and if you use a reflector, to get a self sustaining nuclear chain reaction.  I KNOW that I’ll get there, as long as I can keep adding resources and don’t go bankrupt first.  And once there I’ll have extra resources to buy more resources to receive more resources and so on.

I could have saved many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, had I worked diligently alone.

Instead I want to earn more than that in one month, on just one of my many projects.  And then use that as the stepping stone to greater things.  I have the plans, I have the vision.  I don’t have the people, the time, or the finances.  Until kaboom day.