The wig is on the way.  I’ll shave my head and wear it permanently.  Wigs today are undetectable, and worn 24 hours a day, including in the shower.  It’s removed to wash the scalp every few weeks, and might need replacing after 7 months.  My hair now is in bad condition – very receded hairline, big bald spot on the back, gray and thin on the sides.

Next month I will get upper and lower eye surgery.  This will help with heavy dark bags under the eyes, and the drooping eyelid skin, as well as tighten up the skin.

I’ve looked into facial fillers, and decided on stem cell augmented fat transfer.  They take your own fat, treat it, and inject it into your face.  This lasts longer than most synthetic fillers and it’s said that the procedure also tends to cause the skin itself to look better.  As we get older the face not only droops and wrinkles, but it loses fat.  I used to be chided for my baby face chipmunk cheeks in my teens, and now I’m all gaunt and have silly putty skin.

I’ve ordered shoe insert lifts, as well as two pairs of platform shoes – one a casual shoe style and the other a fisherman’s sandle.  My footwear will add over two inches of height above regular shoes, bringing me up to at least 5’10 (actually 5’11 in shoes, but everybody gets an inch in shoes).  I’ll even have the option to be 6 feet tall in shoes, without the platforms being noticeable.

I do home teeth whitening, and will do it professionally.  I may also get ceramic dental veneers.

I’ve experimented with make-up.  It makes a big difference and is basically undetectable.  Could be useful on occasion, especially for photo shoots.

Late this year or early next I plan to also get eyebrow hair transplants.  I may get an upper and even a lower face lift.

Right now I’m dieting; eating a high protein meal once a day, to get rid of a protruding belly.  I was starting to look pregnant.  On gym days I don’t eat until after the workout.

My business plans are moving forward, and soon I will start to hire and interact with models, as well as the prettiest of the general public.  I’m working on improving status, as well as access.

I will not go gently into the night, and at fifty it’s starting to get mighty dark.  I’ve never been a looker and always had a tough time competing against taller and more attractive men, but as time goes on more and more girls consider themselves well out of my league.

I have some leads on my phone that I don’t want to meet until I look much better than I do now.  I should have much better odds in about two months.