Facts can be interpreted sure, but that does not mean that we are all entitled to our own facts.  Unless you believe that reality is opinion based and we are all entitled to our opinion of what could be a working rocket ship that will make it to the moon and bring back survivors.

The interesting facts are that lately I’ve been quite ill, with some sort of flu-ish thing.  As my energy decreased, naturally so did my libido.  I got a bit better, and then my current favorite sent me a message with pics of a threesome lover she had picked out for us.  That night I was supercharged with romantic love for her.  Not because I wanted to fuck the hot other girl so much as because she did that for me.

A cat who offers a dead rat on the doorstep is a devoted cat.  A girl who offers up pussy even though it hurts her is… what can you say?!  I was filled with emotion.  If you need words they could be love and lust.  I could not fuck her enough or kiss her enough, and Daddy loved her more than words or cock could ever say.

This was the second offering, so it was even more potent.

But I made the mistake of coming in her in the heat of it, and this lowered my energy, and that sank my immune system, and I quickly got very sick again.

I was so low energy during my sickness that I did not want her to speak one word to me.  She asked if I was angry at her and I politely explained that I was low battery and cranky, the same way she gets if she is hungry or lacks sleep.  I needed quiet time.  Don’t talk.

I slept at first 20 hours in a day, and later just ignored her.  When she tried to kiss me I just had to push her face away.

You should see the point by now:

The more energy I have, the more interested I am in the girl.

N20 would try to dangle her ass in front of me when I was sick, and I didn’t even try to pretend to look.  Leave me alone.  Later I did my best to be polite and glance.  Later I looked but was soft.  Usually her ass makes my eyes and body hungry and she dangles it and loves thrilling me.

This is the reason for this post:

My last post was about grief and about how I personally deal with it.  In the comments it came up that people have individual approaches.

I believe that the insight in this post is that peoples individual approaches to women is heavily influenced by how much battery power and libido and charge and emotional energy they carry around with them.

Only a low energy man can say that any man COULD MGTOW.  It’s his experience that this is possible for HIM, and so he assumes it’s must be possible for all.

Only a medium to low affect man could assume that grief could or should not affect other men.  Low affect men believe that “If only other men had the correct words in their heads, emotions would not move them”.

Words can affect emotions, and the internal narrative is a powerful thing.

But let’s not give onto Caesar what is not Caesar’s due.

Emotions have their own rules.

You can take a placebo, and have it be explained later that it was a placebo, and that same placebo will still work.  The narrative will have no effect on the part of the brain that believes in the placebo.

Narrative therefore does not create the placebo affect.

Placebo can kill pain.

Narrative therefore does not affect pain directly.

Men who think that narrative creates reality are so inside their own words that they mistakenly believe that consciousness is composed of words.  The brain is a bunch of different things – the word parts are relatively minor.  But for some it appears to be all that is.

If you sing a song you can change your emotions.  If you tell yourself some stories emotions will change.  You can fiddle with dials on an AM radio and that won’t dial you into shortwave.  You can’t get to shortwave from an AM radio, any more than you can move dust with your mind.  Shortwave is so close to AM – just a few frequencies away, but it’s far away enough.  Emotions and narrative are far away enough.  It’s different parts of the brain.  Just because they two parts talk to each other don’t assume that one controls the other.  The tuner does not control the broadcast any more than the broadcast controls the tuner.

And of course there is interaction between conscious and unconscious processes, but see the point.  You don’t and can’t create and fully control your own mind; it also happens TO you.  You get to participate.  Gently.

People see that words modulate emotions and they mistakenly believe that words CREATE emotions.  If that works for them (and I have my doubts) then cool.  For high affect people it doesn’t.  People vary.

Emotions can be a distinct brain processing function.  Your words can be fine, and you can still grieve.  That’s actually called healthy and normal.  It’s actually called healthy and normal to not fight it, and to just go through it, and to just accept feeling like shit for a while.

Even the Buddha said that.  We ALL just feel like shit sometimes.  Buddha said that.  He called it the four noble truths.  Which boils down to sometimes you are just going to feel like shit, and there is NOTHING you can do about it, so get over it, and get through it the best you can.

Libido and affect and a great many other things vary.  We are not homogeneous.

High affect and high libido personalities can’t get advice from low affect or low libido personalities.  And vice versa.  Unless it is to chop off your balls or grow some.

What I see as the most effective way to deal with emotions is to life craft.  Have real friends who back you up.  Have real backup financial plans.  Have women who love you.  Everything you can think of that is relative and that you can lose and that can seriously hurt you if you don’t have it, try to have it.

Be in the world, and try to win at actual life.  As if it’s not a dress rehearsal or a video game.  As if it mattered.

Hurt when you should hurt, and rejoice when you should rejoice.  And actually win at actual life.