M27 and N32 are both fat and claim to be battling weight loss.  I don’t count concern as a battle.

M is my girlfriend of 5 or 6 years, and N is sort my secretary, but we used to date for 2.5 years about 9 years ago.

They have been enemies and now are frenemies.  I’m forcing them to go to the gym together, under the direction of a personal trainer and dietician.  There will be a weekly weigh in contest, and whoever wins gets a prize.

I’ve tried every motivational technique I could to get M to lose weight.  Recently I with-held my offer to put her through salon school until she got her ass in shape.  But I know that no carrot or stick would work for her.  She just doesn’t like working out, and lacks self control to remain hungry as a long term habit.  If it were a matter of life and death, she’d leave a slightly chubby corpse.

The few times M was perfectly tight and slim, she was fucking hot.  Everything is sliding south, but even at 27 she’d look way more attractive toned.

At 24, even when she only carried a very few extra pounds, losing that extra made my eyes widen extra.

I’m not sure why my intuition tells me that it’s worth it to push N to become slim.  We fight all the time over issues that have her adult oppositional defiance disorder at their root.  Her actions can be a threat to my business, and certainly are nasty to my mood.  I’m putting her on Buspirone, COQ10, and Tianeptine.  I can also get Ritalin, and will give her access to maybe 1/4 dose for times when she needs to focus.  A.O.D.D is related to ADD, and Ritalin has long term benefits on brain structure for those with ADD.  Buspirone and related drugs are sometimes prescribed to adults and children with ODD.  The Buspirone will also help with her anxiety problems.  She can be a real ADD/ODD mess at times, stressed out and with low energy, and just a defiance waiting to passively aggressively defy.  Dangerous.

I figure that a fitness routine could only help N32.  And she needs help.  She’s financially beneficial to remain in my life, and if she’s going to interact with me, she needs help.  For both our sakes.

Both those women could never get fit without someone literally holding their arms and counting numbers in their ears and forcing them in public to push weights.  And then forcing them in public to do dancersize.  They both need someone to knock on their doors, and drag them out of the house, even when they are pretending to be sick.

They need a commander.  They are both thanking me for caring enough to be their overlord.