A new peer and I were recently introduced.  I am exploding with history and ideas, and lack discipline in how to listen, no matter how interesting is the fellow.  At one turn in the conversation we chanced upon the subject of petrified trees.  My sink is carved from one.  In his recent home town of Arizona there are many.

“Oh, are they standing upright?”

“Uh, no, they are millions of years old, and had to petrify first.”

I laughed out loud at how stupid I had been.  Actually I forget who pointed out the thought error first.  I hope it was me.  But the stupidity itself was genuinely funny.  Perhaps when I was younger my mind would have been faster and it would have taken 1/10th of a second instead of three to notice the obvious, and the difference would have meant thinking stupid before speaking vs. speaking stupid out loud.

I would like to think that that episode speaks generously to my character.  I would like to think of myself as a man who can get alzheimer’s graciously.  I would like to think of myself as someone who can be corrected without causing too much drama.