There is an action of gazelles that’s called “stotting”.  They jump high when running away from leopards and lions.  It makes no sense.  It slows them down.

Yet it signals to the predators that the specific gazelles who stott are too fit to bother to chase.

Moose have huge bothersome expensive antlers.  And women love them for it, because any animal who has such an excess of energy to afford such waste must be proving fitness.

Being an ass-hole to women is similar.

It’s stotting.  That you think you can get away with it means you probably really can.

I doubt this means you can fake it before you make it, exactly.  I think a co-evolution of prowess and confidence must occur.  I think you can make incremental stotting steps, until your old self would never believe what your new self gets away with.  Your old self COULD NOT get away with it, no matter how expertly coached to try.