And it’s called sex.

I figure I need lots of therapy.  The sessions today proved quite therapeutic.

I long ago noticed that it’s possible to increase pleasure, by focusing on it.  I’ve heard that in Japan there is a culture wide appreciation for the beauty of cherry blossoms in bloom.  I’ve heard that some people make a routine of seeing and feeling a profundity of appreciation for the beauty of a sunset.

There is an art to maintaining and even increasing sensual pleasures.  I’ve met some gourmands in my life.  They take great delight in every mouthful.  They do this quite deliberately, and consider good eating a very important part of their life.

I do the same with the young women that I date.  I make an effort to notice what parts of them I find attractive.  It might be the fresh pink color of the tongue when the girl keeps her mouth wide open.  It might be firm shape of the ass.

There is an art to sexual appreciation.

There is a therapy for those who feel little arousal, and it is to learn to appreciate other sensual pleasures, such as sucking on a caramel.  By practising enjoyment, you can actually increase enjoyment.

The converse is also true.  By taking enjoyment for granted, and grunting out cheap five minute fucks, you can dramatically lower your sensual enjoyment.

I’ve talked before of course about chi-kung, and how that can profoundly interface with the internal feelings of sex.  It can make a bigger difference than the best vs the worst sex you’ve ever had in your life; there is no way to overestimate the difference chi-kung can make to a sex life.

But I have not been practising chi-kung much for a good three months now.  There are also other ways to highlight and intensify sex.  One is aesthetic appreciation of the figure of the lover.  That’s actually an art form.  Aesthetic appreciation is art.  It is one of life’s pleasures, and I believe therefore one of life’s duties.  With practice, the visual can thrill.

Unfortunately this does not work nearly as well for me with women who’ve already had children, or who have fat lazy asses.  Deflated breasts and loose belly skin don’t give the same rush as tight firmness.  It’s also easier to thrill to a young and pretty face than an old and ugly one.  In short, youth and beauty enhances sexual aesthetic appreciation.  It’s possible to go stare at a grey cement wall and be filled with awe and wonder, but it’s so much easier to find that emotion at the beach side sunset.

I think the young women I date really get a kick out of how much I love to stare at them.  My eyes love and lust them up, and that’s got to feel good.  I know I love it when they stare lustily at my cock, as if it were a glorious thing of wonder.  Oh glory be to naked tight bodies!  Glory glory.

I’ll seek out more therapy in the morning.