It’s difficult and dangerous to find real pot in Indonesia.

The stuff that is sold on Bali is so weak that even if you vape two big bags of it, you barely feel a thing.

I’ve always suspected that it was the discards of the honey oil extraction process.

Yesterday a friend was offered some pot, by some dude on the street.  He walked with the guy fifteen minutes to his house.  He explained that he didn’t want any of that Aceh crap, because it was not strong.  The vendor tried to sell him two bags of “Moroccan” pot and a big blob of hash for $100 bucks, but my friend just gave him $25 for the two bags of leaf, because after smoking some of it with the guy concluded that it was that crap Aceh stuff.  And the hash was obviously fake.

This morning he carved a carrot pipe, tried it, and got nothing.  So he tried to extract the oil out of it using butane, following youtube instructions.

Nothing to extract.  Even soaking it in pure butane for an hour didn’t discolor the butane, and after the butane was evaporated away there was not a hint of residue on the plate.


My friend spend last night talking to every dealer he could find, trying to befriend them and get the real inside scoop on the pot scene.  Of course at first they all tried to sell him the denatured stuff, and insisted that it was real.  It did not take any of them long to open up more, but no one would open their mouth, and none would give him any contact for any real pot.  They could supply valium, xanax, cocaine and meth, but not pot.  He even searched out and talked to some mafia.  Same story.  Everyone said that yes there was some real pot in Bali, but that they would never touch the stuff, and didn’t know exactly which person had it.

I was told that real pot was sold in Kerobokan prison.  And that place is mafia run.  I was also told that as a local it’s not wise to approach mafia to buy pot, because they can make more money colluding with the cops in a sting than selling to you.