It doesn’t take much courage to say hello to the massage girls sitting outside their shops on Poppies lane.  They’ll usually even say high first.  They get hit on day in and day out, but you might be surprised to learn that many of them are still virgins.

Pretty young teenagers.  Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen.

I had an absolute blast.  “I love you, marry me” was a common opener.  It was just fun flirting, with no real goal in mind.  I was not number farming, or trying to get any girl home.  I was not trying to spike attraction.  Just having fun and a lot of laughs.  The girls seemed to really enjoy it.

I have a zone.  I can be witty and social.  I know how to flirt.  I’m not always in that zone, but it sure felt great last night.  Like being a king of the world.

I suppose in hindsight the girls were not really hooking.  But at the time that was actually the furthest thing from my mind.  I would walk away from a girl with a very cheerful goodbuy, and didn’t feel the slightest twinge of loss or regret that I didn’t achieve my aim.  Because I HAD achieved my aim!  Such pretty faces.  Such cute girls.  It was so fun to flirt with them.

I flirted with pretty girls wherever I saw them.  Shop girls, girls on the street.  Even flirted with a hooker.  She cheerfully explained that she was very busy, with a client over here, then over here, but that she might be able to see me later tonight.  Cute and small older woman – maybe 35.  That was so fun flirting with her.  I explained I’m more traditional, and we smiled and waved goodbye to each other.  What a little bundle of yum.

Later that night I stopped in to a 7-11 and the counter girl was acting all smiley.  I showed no interest in her and was all business and serious again.  I think I’d flirted with her before and forgotten it.  Oops!  I have a touch of face blindness, and that kind of thing happens to me all the time.

I’ve gone out daygaming very occasionally for a few years now.   On many days I’d not make one approach.  Sometimes I had a little fun, but there was always a hunger to me; like I was out to get something, something that I didn’t quite know how to get.  The hottest girls were too hot to approach, and the mediocre girls were not hot enough to approach.  I felt awkward, and an outsider.  Breaking the ice was next to impossible, and then after that I felt undeserving to be in the presence of such a young hottie, trying to take up her time.

I can see now that it doesn’t have to always feel that way.

Yesterday before approaching a super-hottie on the beach, I noticed an old man and his wife talking to her.  Somehow this bloated ancient retiree was chatting up this super-cutie, with his grey-haired wife hanging on his arm!  WTF!  He was laughing and everybody was laughing.  As if it were perfectly natural to just walk up to total strangers, and be social with them.

We have a method of learning that is ancient, and that monkeys today use.  It’s called monkey see monkey do; we mimic the actions of others.  I swear it’s true that seeing that old man on the beach chat up that hottie – even with his wife right beside him – taught me something, at a deep level.  I didn’t hear a word they said, but that man opened up a world of possibility to me.

That old man was just being social, for fun.  With perfect strangers and with no introduction.  Mind blown.  How?!  And yet the next day somehow I had the same attitude, only I was very playfully flirting.  “Wow, you’re so cute.  I bet the boys hit on you all the time. ” “What do you like in a man?”

I wasn’t exactly flirting in order to get a number, or bring a girl home.  I was flirting for the sake of flirting.  Because it’s fun and what people do.

I even sat down and chatted with some local dudes for a while.  Talked a bit about the local drugs scene.

It sure felt better at the end of the day than my previous sorties.  Before I’d come home feeling like I’d wasted my time, or done nothing.  Last night I came home feeling great – like I’d just had a blast.  Not one solid hook the whole night, so it’s the same outcome.  But it was still time well spent.

That’s new for me, and I didn’t really know that was an option.

When I’m in my flow, I’m pretty good with the gab.  People are entertained, and engaged.  I’d be proud to share the voice recordings, if I had them and were not such an anonymity freak.  But I could see how daygame flirting could be more focused, and I could learn to elicit stronger emotions.  My plan for getting new girls has been to develop a business that brings girls to me, but being better at daygame could be a life improvement, not just for the potential new girlfriends, but just as something enjoyable to do.  To get out of the house, and be social.

Before daygame was a bit more of a chore, or something I did because I felt an inner hunger.  Last night was so much fun that it showed me a whole new side to gaming.  That it can be fun, and have no other purpose than that fun.