I’m really into my businesses.  I have vision, and am articulate, and am passionate.

I interview a few people each day for new positions, and instead of probing their personalities and talents, I go on and on about my business.

It hypnotizes people.  I may as well admit that I have a talent for sucking people into my world.  I have a vast and detailed visualization about what my world is, and what it could be.  It’s seductive.  It’s a great world.  I want to be a part of it.  You would want to be a part of it.  Everybody wants to be a part of it.  Give me a few moments, and you will ask for more moments, until we will be dreaming about our certain future.

I can convince you, because I am convinced.  My dreams are crystal solid.  You will love my dreams.  Around me you will start to smell and touch my dreams. You will want to be a part of making them happen.

This isn’t a talent I tried to develop.  It’s an offshoot of optimism and belief in my own projects.  I’m not manipulative.  It’s totally genuine.  But back off a bit, and it’s way manipulative.  I’m really, really good at inspiring people.

It’s got to be unconscious skill.  When I interview applicants, they wind up wired and inspired.  Geared up and pumped up.  They want to work here, and they want to work for me.  Over the next few months they want my feedback.  They want performance reviews.  They want interviews.  I’m the big pappa, and they want my time.

Surely I’m doing the inteviews all wrong.  I’m not asking enough questions.  I’m not filtering well.

I am so personally inspired, I can’t stop myself from talking about how inspired I am.  In every little detail.  It rubs off. I could go on for hours, but it’s really interesting stuff, and people don’t get bored.  They get more and more interested.

This is an obvious humble-brag.  It’s a good talent.  But I wind up having to fire people that were not properly screened.

As my team grows, it gives me momentum and credibility and resources.  A business is a chicken and new hires are an egg; you can’t hire good talent without an established business chicken.   And you can’t afford to pay salaries without a chicken.  And if you are growing from cash flow, all business chickens are carefully grown from eggs.

So I have to hire crappy people to attract mediocre people to attract good people, all the while earning an overall profit while dragging around dead weight.

My idea at this point is to have my current mediocre talent help me screen the new hires.   I can’t help but blab on and on inspirational messages to the interiewees I mesh with.  They get all pumped up and therefore I attract talent out of my league.  My staff may be able to then screen on the second and third interviews, before the 3 month trial.  After which I’ll be happy to fire.