We’ve had some amazing brainstorming sessions over the years here in Indonesia.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have any surviving recordings.  The videos and voice recordings would have conveyed our excitement in our progress and developing potential and displayed the joy that comes from amplifying creative insight by bouncing it off each other.

There were times when we discussed team building.

The vision is of men collaborating on lifestyle and happiness, through a focus on business.  I came up with a logo, and we talked about how each aspect of the logo could stand for important aspects of lifestyle development.

The branding was meant to appeal on many levels.  I can’t access my memory or notes, but we had subdivided up human fulfilment into categories.

I will be using my home made CNC router and smelter and other machines designed and built in house to create the logo as pendants and signet rings.  Different metals for different hierarchies of achievement in the growing group.  Doors with the emblem can also be CNC carved out of tropical trees sliced by the portable bandsaw mill that I had made.

I’ll start fresh and brainstorm alone on things that lead to happiness, joy, contentment, fun, fulfilment, moments of ecstacy, hope, and a sense of a life lived well enough to be not feel gyped out of life by the time death comes knocking.

  • Ongoing adventure.  Adventure doesn’t count as much if we can’t share it, either after or during the act.  Before uploading Gopro videos of the team mountain climbing adventure, our forefathers sang tales of heroic hunts.   Adventures are a type of legacy; experiences so vivid that they spawn little memory-children.  And more than just comforting nostalgia and subjects to reminisce over, they are the training grounds for our next adventures.
  • A feeling of belonging.  As adults we don’t just suck nipple milk to belong, we contribute.  Helping others is one of the joys of life, and to maximize life satisfaction, helping others must be designed right in to the lifestyle.  We help ourselves through personal improvement and banking coin, help our closest group, help those we network with, help those we will never meet, and help those not yet born.  Helping others and being recognized for it increases the oxytocin warm fuzzies that make falling asleep and waking up so much more pleasant.  It’s also tied in with a sense of purpose, that ineffable and ever-changing goal humans are designed to require.
  • Goals.  People stuck in dead end jobs imagine that if they won the lottery that they could finally spend their time lazing on the beach, skiing, hosting big parties and fucking hotties all day.  Strangely enough all wealthy people will tell you that’s not a satisfying life.  The super rich know very well that to give that lifestyle to their children would be cruel.  People need work.  We need to challenge ourselves, grow, and apply ourselves in the service of  projects that affect other people.  Partying and sex and unstructured free time are like sleep is to being awake.  We need that time, but we can’t only have that time.
  • Contemplative mindful quiet.  This aspect of satisfaction usually takes some discipline to be able to develop, but once a person has worked to get a taste for it, he finds it a major source of life enhancement, as each moment of the day becomes deepened with greater clarity and awareness.  Dreams become more vivid.  Dreamless sleep becomes accessible imbued with consciousness.
  • Great sex.  This can be consciously developed through body awareness meditations.  Like hatha yoga, chi-kung meditations can be practiced alone or co-ordinated as group practice.
  • Group sports.  Whether it’s tossing a football on the beach or organized team soccer, there is no substitute for feeling embodied and actively alive as a living object among strategic objects.  Primal physical being.  Sporty like hunters.
  • Friendly chat.  No matter how insightful and creative and smart any one person is, everything he comes up with is also a product of every one he interacted with.  The very building blocks of our thoughts, our words, were taught to us.  We are enmeshed, and can’t think clearly without interaction.  We need chat not only to think, but for mental health.  Ready access to guys who share our interests and are at our mental level is an enormous life improvement.  It can’t be over stated.
  • Hope.  This is an aspect of goals.  We have attainable goals that we work towards, and even if we can’t yet see what is beyond our immediate goals, we see past them to see hope.  Our life is on track and is aimed towards hope.

I’m going to take a break and come back to this later.

I’d love it if lurkers jotted down a few coat-hanger ideas that we can drape something more onto.  If you were involved in an open-source-happiness-project, what would be your code contribution?


I’ll drop a few coat-hangers here:

  • Nature
  • Continuing education
  • Networking
  • Family
  • Lover(s)
  • Travel
  • Unusually large wealth