Fudge said:

A general theme I’ve been noticing on your blog over the past year is “money can make up for age”.

Sure, with enough money anything is possible BUT one thing you seem to always leave out and forget is the two types of sex women have…

Validation sex: when women fuck you because they just like you for you. Could be your swagger, could be your looks. Scientifically speaking she wants your genes. This type of sex is not transactional and people wouldn’t deem the women’s actions as ‘fake’. You could be dirt poor and a wanted criminal with no status in society – didn’t matter. This is the kind of sex every guy seeks.

Transactional Sex: this is the kind of sex that happens when women need to fuck to survive or move up a rung or two in status. They arnt after the guys genes, they are after his provisioning powers. As a man , unless you have the IQ of a stone , you can usually sense the degree to which the sex is transactional. It’s not as good as validation sex and you don’t feel like a ‘stud’ after.

I live in Thailand so I see the extremes of both ends. Young girls living with old guys but not really liking him… And these same girls cheating on said old guy provisioner with young steroid using bodybuilders who are almost broke.

There was a large scale rigorous scientific study done, in China, that concluded that women orgasm more for wealthy men.


Read that and let me know if your opinion remains the same.

Just because one dynamic happens, does not mean that ONLY one dynamic happens.

Money-power-status CAN and very often DOES add to SEXUAL attraction.

Over and over I see that AND is the most difficult word in the human language to comprehend.

Rich guys can be unattractive, AND broke guys can be attractive, AND money can make men more attractive.

Simple thought experiment. Compare apples to apples. Take any apple and add money – you get a SEXUALLY more attractive apple. Stop comparing fat old rich men to handsome young broke dudes. Compare any broke man with that SAME man with money.

Any man who has lived through both periods in a short time will tell of his personal experience of gaining several attractiveness points.

You can even show the same picture of a man to a woman, and how much money you’ve primed her to expect him to have will influence her vaginal moisture.  Who wants to date a millionaire is not ONLY about who wants to be financially taken care of.  It’s also about who wants to orgasm more for a wealthy man.