In August of 2013 I predicted that the RV forum would go downhill due to overmoderation and pathological leadership.

I noticed these comments on the naughtynomad forum today:

Calamansi said:

Rick91 Wrote:  There are established newspapers claiming he’s an advocate for legal rape on private property qouteing a line from a satire piece.

I read the piece and while the first three paragraphs are sarcastic, from the fourth paragraph onward it takes a turn for a very serious tone. I’m a big fan of satire, parody, black humor and tongue-in-cheek humor. There is nothing too dark or abhorrent that jokes can’t be made about. But this is none of that. The way it reads, there is no reason for anyone to think he’s joking after the third paragraph.

Couple this with the fact that he has entire sites dedicated to the topic of unfair treatment of men and women by the law and it’s hard not to believe that it’s his sincere opinion. Call me humorless but when I was reading it I was fully under the impression that it’s what he believes should be done.

That said, I would hardly call him an “advocate” just for writing one article. Is the other side justified by their hysteria? No. Does the other side regularly twist people’s words to fit their agenda? Yes. I understand all that. But if the article was meant to be satirical after the third paragraph, he is a terrible writer and no better as a comedian.

Rick91 Wrote:  Maybe satire was wrong wording more like a thought piece on hypothetically reducing rape victims regards to girls going home drunk with a guy then claiming rape after.

Yeah. I understand the point he was trying to make. He was talking about the unfairness of laws that allow certain women to go out, get drunk, fuck a random, regret it and then take legal action against the man in question for something he didn’t actually do and make him take responsibility for her own poor decisions. And he is absolutely correct about this one specific point in that it is abhorrent behavior on the woman’s part and unconscionable for society to not give a shit when it happens.

But while you may recognize that the word satire might be the wrong word, when the shit hit the fan, he and his drones have been hiding behind that word ever since hoping it would give him plausible deniability. But it’s not. His essay’s intent is clear. I’m not saying that he thinks he has a chance of actually changing the law but that also doesn’t mean his wish for it to be realized isn’t sincere. Everything in the piece screams out that it’s his honest opinion of how to deal with the problem of women falsely alleging rape after a night of drunken debauchery.

And this essay is only one small glimpse of how far off the rails his train has careened. He might use fancy ten dollar words in his writing but his logic flow is so poorly constructed that he can’t hide what a nutter he has become anymore. A very small handful of women have ever attempted to put a man in jail because she got drunk and regretted the sex. And this is despite all the feminists trying to convince them that if they had sex with a man after a drink that she was raped. It’s not by anyone’s definition an epidemic. However, while the numbers are small, the consequences are serious enough and unfair enough that someone really should give a shit. It’s just too bad it’s him and his cronies. He makes a mockery of a serious injustice by it being associated with him.

But whether the number of women claiming false rape is small or large is irrelevant. Even if it were 1 in 10 women, it would still be one of the stupidest logic jumps in the world to believe rape should be legalized. Sure, it would, in one fell swoop, eradicate a handful of false rape accusations per year, but it would then also allow many many more real rapists to do as they wish with a woman that doesn’t want to have sex.

Hey, I also believe that a woman shouldn’t invite a guy in after a date if she doesn’t want to fuck. Most guys think it’s a done deal at that point and, right or wrong, if she doesn’t want to fuck she then needs to deal with someone who probably assumes she does. So is it stupid of her? Yes. Do women who make the “stupid” or naive decision to invite a guy in even though she doesn’t want to fuck deserve to get raped? Or perhaps the women who changed their minds because the guy was really great on the date but turned into a fucking creep once he got inside her apartment? I don’t think they do, not legally, not morally.

It’s too bad though. When I found his forum and blog years ago, I thought a lot of what he wrote and what was discussed made good sense. Ever since then though, it’s been overrun by “men” whose minds have been warped so badly, they barely recognize women as human anymore. He preys on weak-minded men to build his budding empire and let’s them do his fighting for him. Look at the threads on Roosh or the comments on ROK. If someone other than his generals disagrees on so much as one little point, all logic goes out the window (not that there was necessarily much there to begin with). All the rebuttals make no attempt at discussing anything. They are almost nothing but character attacks, accusations, straw men and ad hominems. If their spelling wasn’t so good, I would swear it was all written by 10-year-olds, judging by their understanding of forming a logical argument.

Now, except for the data sheets, the entire site is complete utter garbage. In so many of his posts, he tries to come across like a great thinker but he’s not. He thinks way beyond his means and he doesn’t give two shits about the conclusion he reaches from it. I think it might be a case of writing just to write because he has to maintain the output, but he’s run out of ideas and the ideas he does get he hasn’t thought through at all. Stupid or stoned, it must be one of the two when he sits down to write. And of course, his lemmings are always there, like loyal puppies, to tell him how insightful it all was.

He’s a farce and how he got to this level of media attention is beyond me.

That said, I’m no fan of shit smearing on either side. He is now labeled as “pro-rape”, which isn’t exactly what he said. He said he believes rape should be legal but the term “pro-rape”, while I suppose it could be technically correct(?) sounds a lot like he advocates men going out and raping women regardless of current laws. The media too are guilty of hyperbolizing and distorting what he writes and, if you’ve seen any of my other posts around here, you might have noticed that I fucking hate that from either side. Argue and win on the points, dammit, not by lying about what the other guy said or didn’t say and arguing against a false utterance.

Roosh is a fucking whackjob. His minions are fucking whackjobs. Feminists are fucking whackjobs. The media and content creators attached to this are fucking whackjobs. We live in a world of whackjobs. What can you do? A few guys gathering around for a circle jerk in each city next week became news? How does that even happen? LOL

JJ Roberts:

Very well said calamansi

A pretty good summary of why I asked for my account to be deleted

I just don’t want to be associated with this kind of dickheadishness

The odd thing about what’s going on over there (or at least one of the odd things) is that they are hating on feminists whilst behaving exactly like the male version of a feminist would behave

Being a male version of a feminist whackjob (as you put it) is exactly what that crowd is doing

His only message seems to involved telling men that they are victims and they should be angry at their victim status (which is exactly what feminists do) and constantly obsessing about sluts (a 2.0 construct and a clear indication of schizokardia) which is their version of the feminist obsession with patriarchy


The site used to be good especially the city reports and data sheets like you said but it’s not possible to participate in the forum without flushing your IQ down the toilet and obsessively hating on women.

Yeah man. I’ve thought the same thing. They hate on feminists while they do the exact same thing. A few bad apple bitches hurt their feelings so now there are “no good women” in the US. They “all” want/do this or that. Basically, in the same sense that feminists have generalized chauvinist behavior to all men and then took it further by nitpicking and twisting every little thing they can into chauvinism, Rooshies have applied extreme feminist behavior to all women and twist every little thing into feminism. It’s quite sad, actually, that they’ve distorted reality to such an extent…

Not only is your IQ in danger, your entire world view is. I stopped reading because I know that if you soak in any type of atmosphere for too long, you’ll start to assimilate into the Borg sooner or later. I could see that, slowly, I was starting to adopt milder versions of their attitudes without even realizing it. I could easily see how a weak person who spends more than a few minutes on that site would get swallowed whole after reading just a few posts. Hell, he has the legions to prove it.

Actually, it just occurred to me, the similarities between him and a cult leader. They both prey on the weak. They both convince their followers that they should shun all non-believers. They both convince their followers that everyone else is out to hurt them. They both distort their followers’ views of the world to the level of “crazy”. Etc. Intentional or not, isn’t that what’s happening there? I’m honestly not being sarcastic. That is seriously what I see happening there.

Roosh is a tool, but yea, the forum is a goldmine of actionable useful info with some quality guys.Too bad it is tainted with anti women and feminist agendas. As well as being anally moderated.

I agree that there is some good advice in there. That’s why I think it’s so sad that the place has been overrun by twats with a 10-year-old mentality. Doesn’t mean there are no decent guys there. Just that they are often drowned out by the noise… Online, the anonymity of the Internet coupled with groupthink turns them into brainless wannabe cunts that can’t seem to have a civil discussion about anything they don’t agree with already.

But I really do think that it’s very likely that they have caught a few young minds in their teens, and sadly, have caused irreversible damage to them. Imagine a typical 16-yr-old who might be having a bit of trouble with girls finding that forum. How do you think that guy would turn out by the time he’s 25? Would you want your daughter anywhere near him under ANY circumstances?


And I’d bet a million that if there’s a die hard Rooshie reading this post, by the very fact that I think some of their ideas are warped, that makes me a feminist libtard mangina. I can’t possibly have basic human decency and respect for both sexes and not be! If you’re not with us, you’re the polar opposite and against us. There is no room for reason. At all. That’s what it has turned into.

JJ Roberts:

The beginning of the end was when ROK started to produce flame war / click bait / lets see how much of an angry reaction we can get blog posts and the authors started to compete with each other to see how much traffic they could drive to the site as a result and started back slapping each other and sucking each others dicks every time they got a lot of hate clicks.


Banning people for having ideas and censoring his websites seriously doesn’t sit well with me.


His forum and websites lie, twist facts and censor ideas more than North Korea and China combined. (OK, the hyperbole in the previous sentence was for humor but in all seriousness, I have never witnessed such widespread and blatant lies and censorship in my life.)

I think that Roosh bans people from the forum for the exact same reasons that Stalin continuously executed and sent to the gulag everyone who he suspected as a threat to his position of power. Both Roosh and Stalin share paranoia as a deep root of the nature of their psyche.