To a buddy who has been sharing intimate details about his intimacies:

Forgive my late replies.

Yes, I’m more than casually interested.  I don’t have any pressing insights to add, and that has delayed a response.  You are in the thick of things but I don’t have any useful wider perspective, as far as I can see.  I think your vision is close enough and panoramic enough.

You are living a great story, and I’m glad you are also writing it down.  We’d need bombs and politics to get higher drama, and even then this would be far more fun.  Your writing is a photo album of reveries we’d all like to have at the final moment.

Please don’t wait for my feedback, and keep writing.  It is well received, even when I’m slow to respond.

To a young man with a strong interest to join in my entrepreneurial efforts with his friend and excel at partaking of all that life can offer:

I’m well.  For the last few days I’ve been focused on gardening.  My fourth floor has two atriums, and the roof has a neglected garden.  Managing the staff is not neglected, and one staff member is working full time to find new engineers.

The three girls still visit, even though I am less focused on them.

Some new technical innovations happen.  Today I invented a new type of injection molded magnetic coupler that includes 65% rare earth magnet powder. It should work better than and be less expensive than a machined powder coated iron part.

I am setting things up so that …highly profitable mutual venture redacted…   Timeline is about two months away.

People occasionally contact me about internship.  I’m still a bit distrustful of putting forth a lot of time and energy and money into interns who are not able to see a project through to profit, and so right now I’m shouldering all the burdens of management until I’m in a position to host a big crew without it taxing too much of my important managerial time.  Before my idea was that the interns would be the managers, but now I just want to focus and micromanage and get all systems working as is in my mind.  The adage “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” has proven itself too many times to me.  So I’m working harder than any of my staff, and am infused into every action and all details here. 

I’d like to get a big crew out here again, once I’m in a position where the time, risk and reward make solid business sense.  I don’t ever want to put my businesses at risk again as some big social business oriented holiday for a random crew of unfocused young men.  I’m taking these businesses far more seriously than ever before and want all efforts to be maximized.  The setup in the past was far too loose; interns given too much leeway, too much free time, too much trust.  It was too much a social club and not enough a business.

I got burned again recently by some guy saying he wanted to help out.  I gave him tons of business secrets over two months so that he could do his work, and in the end he gave me nothing but empty enthusiasm.

On the other hand I don’t have cause to be too pessimistic.  Overall the interns have brought profit, and tremendous quality of life improvement.  Some could work, very slowly, with little supervision. 

And I do want a corporation of gifted and hard working like minded men working in concert.

It’s very difficult to get serious men with talent to do serious work.  I want to get there.  In the mean time, I’m serious and I’m doing serious work.