Larry commented on the cartoon in the last post.

I love how the energized and successful pro-active cartoon character is a female coon. Ha ha. So what’s the real message of this cartoon? What is the message that is most directly being addressed to the least defended aspects of our consciousness? Why re-issue these messages and on whose behalf? What a world we live in. Must all “truth” come wrapped in centrally-issued bullshit?

There is a reason why black women are given preferential treatment over white males.  In Canada they even receive quota based entrepreneurial grants.

It’s the same reason retarded children get special education needs grants.

Author Tom Robbins used to write that instead of pouring money to prop up the underdogs of society, we should instead pour money to develop the geniuses.

But there is a reason that we don’t.

It’s because as a species we are, and women especially are empathological.

We root for the underdog.

We imagine ourselves in their shoes. Perhaps we have been in their shoes once. And we think, “If I were in some disadvantageous situation, boy would I ever love to receive a helping hand”.

Don’t get too hung up on the blackness. Or the black womanness. Or that she is short, chubby, and not in the same attractiveness category as the otherwise enviable white chicks. That’s all archetype-speak for underdog.

Plus of course women band together in a group power struggle against men (and mistakenly project onto us that we do the same). And we all know that even when women are obviously not underdogs, they love to play the poor me take care of wittle me underdog card anyway. Its probably hard wired into them to use that strategy as a power grab, and to continue to use it no matter how much power has been grabbed, if the circumstance allows for it.

Women naturally lean towards communism and taking care of the underdog, and they naturally lean towards giving more power to the general female gender. It’s part of their civilizing nature, even it if can get empathological.

I don’t see any use faulting them for their nature. It’s just up to us to see it, and see through it, and to have enough personal power to not be negatively affected by their nature. We need to have and to cultivate hand.

Women will always struggle for power. Men must also seek dominance and hand, and not lose our power. Then from a position of strength we can accept who they are and not get angry at them for playing out these inborn archetypes of wanting to build up and give power to female underdogs.

There is also another way of looking at this. Slim young attractive white chicks don’t need career success. Have you ever noticed that feminists are on average 3 points uglier than non-feminists? It’s all about sexual strategy.

In my twenties my forty something mentor informed me that men go through stages of life. He said that after forty a lot of guys start to think about having kids. He said that when you get old, life shifts from being about sniffing daffodils, staring contemplatively into fire pits and partying to being all about power.

As an older guy I confirm.

Feminists are feminists for the same reason that old men seek money. Because we are not attractive enough to get easy access to top quality sexual partners based on our youth and beauty alone. The girls won’t get easily provisioned if they are unattractive, and so need financial and sexual independence in order to get some top notch alpha out of wedlock seed. The men can’t attract smart hot young fertile women without the aid of some compensatory signals of fitness and real powers to improve a girls situation, and so seek wealth, status, and power.

So the short, plain, dark and dorky girl seeks out a glamorous career, that will give her social access and provisioning.

It’s a sexual strategy. A damn good one, for a girl in that position.  And people of any sexual strategy tend to form brotherhoods and sisterhoods and trade unions and guilds and mafiosa and communist support groups.  We band together to consolidate and grow our influence and power; to become a movement.

If you look under the hood to see the power plant, you’ll find that the engines of many groups are simply a sexual strategy.  When trying to understand fundamental human nature, it’s always handy to remember what life was like in high school.  The hot chicks form hot chick cliques and get an easy ride for whatever they want, and the uglier girls seek power. Even supporting underdogs can be a sign of being a sexual underdog.