Watch this video in full and then consider which ideas that are credited as “red-pill” actually pre-date the internet.

There is very little that is a new insight regarding male/female relations. We’ve had brilliant writing going on about the human condition for not just decades, but centuries.

The human condition is far more basic than most people could possibly know, because you can’t begin to know what behaviours are cross cultural until you have lived in a multitude of cultures, and time frames within those cultures.

I keep getting older and the club hotties keep staying the same age. No matter how much things change, things stay the same.

Human nature doesn’t change, but what does change is opportunity, and that is affected by technology. The service economy, birth control and abortions, and anonymous urban living coupled with easy internet based hookups have given much more opportunity to women to fuck any type of man she should want to select for, with minimum consequences. This is the basis of feminism. All feminism boils down to a power play for independence of consequence for sexual action, even and especially for the fuglies, and for that men must be as a group as financially enslaved as possible and women as financially independent as possible, both through career and state assistance.

And all the core concepts of male female relations were not disclosed by anyone alive today – they were disclosed by attentive men before your grandfather was born.

Just look at old movies from the 40s. You’ll see again and again the wittiest and slyest understanding of “red-pill” truths.

Don’t let yourself be bamboozled into believing that there is a father of the manosphere.

* credit to Steve Jabba for linking to the video