A21 slept over last night, and awoke as A22 as it’s her birthday today. Then this morning I’m awoken with the news that S16 had contacted her by Whatsapp.

The whatsapp message merely asked if she knew me, and included my Whatsapp profile picture. I grabbed her phone and got her to block it, then I deleted the message. I explained that some crazy girl had gone through my phone and was contacting everyone on my contact list.

She was distressed and moping, but I fucked her a bit, then went out to spend a little time with S16. I didn’t let on that I knew she’d contacted A22, as A hadn’t replied. I just told her that I really like her, and that it would be sad if she started acting crazy jealous again, otherwise I’d have to dump her.

I get back home to messages from S16 that she loves me, and A22 is in a deep dark funk. I make a few overtures to get her out of her shell, but she’s throwing a “tampo”, meaning she’s completely uncommunicative. I long ago learned how to deal with tampo. There is NO “oh, honey, what’s wrong” from me. If she wants to sulk that has NOTHING to do with my mood. Let her sulk. I did not get sucked in one millimetre.

I did some business, pulling out 14 thick wads of red rupiah from the safe for a transaction, played piano, made business calls and talked to my secretaries, then took a nap, all while she was sulking. After the nap she hadn’t given up and was determined as ever to foul the air with her mood, so I told her to go home. Repeatedly. “I’m serious, if you are in a bad mood, just go home. I’ll see you some other time.”

Finally she opened up and told me that S16 had sent her a text message, asking why she blocked her on Whatsapp, and telling her that she was two weeks pregnant.



S16 just won’t fucking quit! Nothing I can do can get that girl to back off.

Furthermore A22 invited S16 to come over to my place to meet up.

I know that S16 is at least too afraid of me to do that. She knows I’d physically throw her out of the building if she could get in it, and I’ve told her before that if she ever comes over here again uninvited I’ll never see her again.

So I’m pissed. I’m not apologetic at all. There is no “oh honey, you’ve got to understand, that girl means nothing to me, please forgive me” nonsense. This is full on Just Be Yourself and myself is pissed. Well, with some heavy spin.

I tell her that the girl is lying about being pregnant, and that she had told the same thing to everyone on my contact list months ago. And that it makes me extremely angry that the girl is trying to ruin my life and A’s day. I’m nice to her and for that she tries to treat me like property. I tell her that I’d rather die than let any girl try to own me and bully me into living a life I don’t want to live, and that if I’m ever going to be a couple with someone and be faithful that has to come from inside me, not out of some threat or force. All of which is completely true. I would rather die.

In my irritation I tell her that fuck it I should just dump the both of them. And I’m so irritated that’s what I’m seriously considering. These two jealous young girls, one 1/3rd my age and one less than half, have the nerve to think they can own me and tell me what to do, as if they are my mother and I’m a child. Fuck that noise no more.

So I’m going on and on about how angry I am and all the reasons why, and how no girl will ever own me, when A finally changes her whole demeanour. Suddenly she’s hugging me and kissing me. Suddenly she opens up and tells me that she’s been so angry and frustrated all day because it’s her birthday and she got these horrible messages. Suddenly she’s laughing and we are some sort of couple again.

I ask her to change her phone number so S can’t contact her any more, but she doesn’t want to, so I have her help me to try to block the number, but she deleted the messages and even the phone log. So I do whatever I can to inoculate her from further messages.

“That girl is crazy and is going to contact you every day and will never give up. She will say anything possible to get you stop seeing me”. She responds that she’ll block her as soon as she gets a new message.

Earlier this morning after the first Whatsapp message, A was sad, but not yet sulking. I spent some time holding my hand on her heart, looking in her eyes and at her hot little mouth, gently reassuring her by giving her compliments of all the things I like about her. It was such a delight to see the range of emotions play across her face and shine out her eyes. Tender grief, fierce anger, empty depression, hopeful longing. I told her so. She shed a few small tears, and didn’t say a word, while her face flashed high bandwidth signals. It was touching, and I was impressed by her emotional range, and her vulnerability.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do with S now. I’m thinking to factory reset her phone again. My phone is now fully password protected and locked down, with encrypted OS, SD card, and locked sim card. I don’t even know how she did the hack last time, but I’m guessing she took my sim card out and installed my Whatsapp onto her own phone using that number. Top level spy shit.

Oh, and S had already contacted N19 and M25 a few months ago, also telling them that she’s two weeks pregnant. It didn’t stop either of them from continuing to fuck me.

And it didn’t stop the next two girls.

And it doesn’t stop S.

S16 will become S17 tomorrow. I have no mood to treat her well. In the past I have not contacted her for days after she tries to fuck up my relations to my other girls. What a little fuckable nutjob. I like that she’s attached to me, and even though her BPD style mate guarding strategies are a huge turn off, I don’t see her as actually dangerous. Yet.

The strange thing is that nothing S has done so far has caused any real harm. If anything my value with the girls went up a bit, and they got to see more of the real me.