Riv has a new post about whip it out game that inspired this reply:

I had a newish girl come over today for “just a visit”. I spent one weekend with her a month ago, and this was our reunion. When I went to do the quick one handed bra unhinge through the back of her shirt move, she cried out “No!” and pulled back. Same thing when I tried again 10 seconds later.

Every time she said no, I just agreed, “No!” Over and over I kept saying no, while undoing her pants, while strocking her pussy through her panties, while cupping her exposed right tit.

She kept stopping me, and I kept up casual conversation, all the while my hands wer stroking and groping.

Finally I got her all naked, and I said what I ALWAYS say, just before penetrating.

“No fucking”

It’s such a joke by now. I’m serious – I ALWAYS say this, even with long term girlfriends of many years.

Or sometimes I’ll elaborate like this:

“No fucking. This is just saying a quick hello. No fucking. Ok just the tip. Ok, just all the way inside. Ok, you’re right. We’re fucking”.

I love being the one who verbally says no, while all my actions say yes.

She says no? Agree. Absolutely honey! No! All the while my hands just keep escalating.

The single mom I call A21 was convinced she was capable of saying no.

She was not capable of saying no.

Her mouth was, but I fully knew that her body was not.

And it’s her body that I was communicating with. Her voice was just a pleasant distraction. In no way any real hindrance. Just a fun part of the seduction process. Tissue thin resistance.

But I’m sure this tissue would have been like a white sheet is to a tiger; an impenetrable wall.

Most men really have no idea what a woman’s no actually means.

And then she kept calling me “naughty”, but I kept telling her that it was all her fault for being so hot. “Don’t blame me that you make my dick so hard”.

A21 turns me on more than most girls I’ve been with. I have no idea why – she is a bit fat, and while attractive is not the sort of eye candy to make other men jealous that she is on my arm. But my dick is rock hard stiff if she is beside me. Before, during, and after sex. I haven’t had a girl turn me on that much since I can’t remember when. She not only sets me ablaze with extreme fiery bliss when fucking, but sets off a fire up my spine even after we’ve finished fucking. I haven’t had that in ages.

And to me tonight was perfectly natural. Escalation just second nature, as common and understood a practice as shaking hands hello.

“No, stop!”, she says. “That’s right, no!” I agree, pushing her pants down past her ass and giving her a slap.

What could be more natural?

And after the sex we cuddled romantically, and she became more and more into me, staring at my face and eyes while I lovingly caressed her all over.

“You said that you love me so quickly after we met. On the first date. That’s so soon!” I said.

“Yes. So what? That’s fine”

“Yes, it’s good. I like it. But it was so fast!”

“Yes. That’s fine” she replied, smiling.

Then she kept kissing me and holding me, telling me that she had to leave, but being unable to tear herself away. We both felt as if we were part of each other, and it felt warm and blissful – as if it was natural and good and as it all should be. As if being together was belonging together.

Escalation is a huge part of what makes a woman trust and love a man. She needs a man who takes no interest in her no. That’s the type of man she can genuinely love.