Xsplat if you were competing in societies that emphasized and bred polygamous men, you would probably lose as an older man even with your touted romantic edge. The region you ran away to espouses monogamy relatively more than the West. If the East ever adopted the same ideals, you would have less places to go to and live this specific lifestyle.

Very relevant: http://human-stupidity.com/science/evolution-psychology-darwin/to-justify-our-moral-judgments-we-invent-victims-even-if-there-are-none

It is to most everyones personal benefit to limit the sexuality of the competition.

We justify limiting other peoples sexuality with “reasons” after the fact. Many humans are biologically hard wired to not only try to limit other peoples sexual access, but to never be able to either know or question why they do so.

When women slut shame, they do so to preserve their collective bargaining power for lifetime provisioning. When men try to limit the options of others, it is to increase personal sexual access. It is a hard coded strategy, and is implemented whether it is practically effective or not. We FEEL morally righteous, and even FEEL intellectually correct.

None of that is going to stop ME from having sex with beautiful teenagers.

People can talk about “society” all day and all night long. People can explain that “not ALL people can have a harem of two teenagers and two early twenty somethings”.

Ya. Not all people can.

That’s the game. Getting on top and winning.

Or the game is being sexually socialist, and preventing other guys from hoarding all the hot poon.

They are both just games.

I’m playing mine. And I’m explaining exactly how I do it, to the best of my ability.

Yes, not ALL guys can do it.

So what?

What I say is still true. What I say is still accurate. What I say is still applicable.

I’ve put in a lifetime of effort to be able to do what I do. The fact that not all men want to put in the effort has no bearing in any way on the efficacy of my techniques, nor on their value to improve the quality of life for a man.

Would people go to a master concert pianist tutorial blog and explain to him that “Hey, you know, not all people want to put in that much effort to be able to play the piano that well. A lot of people are content to play video games instead”.

Ya. So what? Let them go ahead and play video games. That doesn’t make the piano tutorial any less valid.

People do have different aptitudes. I have average musical ability at best. But with consistent application of playful effort over time, I can’t help but improve. After focusing on pure improv for two or three years, I’ve found that I can actually read music and play songs now! It’s rather incredible.

It’s not all only about effort, nor is it all only about technique, nor all about innate talent.

But it is about effort, it is about technique, and it is about talent.

No matter where a person is in relation to the piano, he can improve.

The same goes for women and relationships.

This blog can help people with what I know about.

I believe that no man is an innately helpless beta.

No matter where a man is in relation to women, he can learn and improve, through application of consistent effort.

And using memes about red pill truths to bolster a feeling of learned helplessness is a type of sin. It is self victimization. The opposite of self empowerment.

MGTOW guys self empower themselves to be perpetual victims of low sexual market value.

If there were someone I cared about, a son for instance, who struggled with girls and therefore decided to MGTOW, I would not just pat him on his back and say “That’s OK Son. I Understand.” Instead I would write this blog for him, so that he could read it and apply what I’ve learned to help his own life.

If there were a bunch of anonymous people I’ve never met, who struggled with girls and therefore decided to MGTOW, I would not just enable their self defeatist attitude with platitudes and wish them well on their journeys of conquering video games. Instead I would expose the harmful indifference, sloth, twisted partial truths and self-justifying lies of individuals and groups.

Update: The reason I linked to the article about people inventing victims where there are none is because that article discusses WHY we find the need to create REASONS for telling other people to not have sex, even when those reasons have nothing at all to do with our actual motivation to meddle in their sexual affairs.

(At least some) men and women are innately genetically programmed to cock block each other. And the process in which we do it is innately unconscious. We do not and often CAN not know what our motivations for cock-blocking are.

We believe our own rationals.

I believe that when MGTOW men proseletize, they are often motivated by cock-blocking other men, therefore reducing the sexual competition. “Since I’m not getting enough quality pussy, YOU should boycott quality pussy too!”

And while in theory MGTOW is all about men actually going their own way and making their own informed decisions, in practice, the MGTOW I have heard from are all about shaming other mens choices and sexuality on the one hand, and then using that same hand to whine about other men shaming them for not being sexually active. I’ve written several blog posts about them as a whole, and have linked to one active website where some of the most ill informed and whiny feminine-brained anti-male testosterone-free comments I have ever seen were made. I was shocked by the low level of commentary. As a principle MGTOW could have something to say, but in action by the “men” that I have seen advocating that principle, so far, it has been a whinge fest and a let’s all get together and shame everyone with a set of balls for owning them club.

And then within the larger manosphere, you have people of all persuasions looking for excuses. Any excuses. Looking for comraderie. Any comraderie. Looking for people to gather together into a he-man-woman-haters-pity-party-club-of-relationship-fail.

It might take the form of MGTOWs blaming modern western women for their personal and collective relationship ills. It might take the form of Return of Kings where people rag on feminism day in and day out. Or it might take the form of group think on the Rooshvforum, where pump and dump is put forth as the only politically correct version of relationships with females.

And when that happens the Red Pill is not used in the service enabling individual men to live like kings, but instead is used to create a rat king.

Rat King

Everywhere guys take a grain of truth about the human condition, and use it as an excuse to either treat women like shit or to ignore them altogether.

And when a guy comes along and says, “Actually, if you aren’t having successful romantic relationships with women, it’s your own fault”, guess how welcome that message is!

I usually hear back various forms of, “No, it is not possible to have successful romantic relationships with women.” After that it’s explained to me that I also have never had a single successful romantic relationship with any woman. And that even the religious college educated virgins I’ve deflowered and lived with were in fact prostitutes.

From now on when someone claims superior social meta-knowledge to wink and call your loved one a whore, we can just call that “Red-pill emasculation”. It’s pure ego protection. “You can’t POSSIBLY be doing something that I find difficult-to-impossible! There HAS to be a catch, otherwise what would that say about me? You are so stupid to not realize that you are not actually living the life that you are actually living! If only you knew how impossible it was for ME to live that life, then you’d realize that YOU are not actually living it at all!”

So instead of red pill ideas being a spur to personal discovery, self improvement and greater social success, they get co-opted into shields to defend oneself against exactly that.