I hear all the time that men in the West can not aspire to healthy, loving, passionate relationships with Western women, because Western women have too much hand and are all fucked in the head.

I hear all the time that guys out west couldn’t perform my manoeuvres or they would get arrested under a false rape or domestic violence charge.

And yet, there are plenty of pimps and hoes in the West.

Yes, there are cultural differences, but the main reason that guys in the West do not even aspire to passionate mutually fulfilling romance is not because of the girls.

It’s because the guys have not built up the required muscles nor learned the rules of the sport of relationship, let alone practiced it. Dealing with girls requires mental muscle memory and fortitude, and as with any training, within the rules you find your art, dexterity, and improv. Men have not built up the muscles and skills because there are no personal trainers or gyms for effective long term game, and precious few modern examples are visible and vocal. Without proper guidance men get ruined in relationships. Do anything the wrong way and you’ll get bad results.

Don’t blame women. Don’t blame the courts. Don’t blame the culture. Pimps ignore all of that. Dealing with women requires hard won skills, and endless personal and inter-personal development.

What kinds of girls become hoes and belong to pimps? All kinds. From what socio-economic background? From all backgrounds. A woman isn’t born a hoe. She has to be converted. Does a pimp worry about being interrogated for regret rapes while he is giving the girl the bait and switch? There is a term called pimp-hand. Are pimps worried about domestic abuse laws?

While cultural differences are too obvious to be denied, what is usually denied is the fundamental red-pill realities of cross-cultural female hard wiring. WOMEN respond in a certain way, to certain stimulus, cross culturally. Hoes are converted in the same way globally. They become hugely attached – to the point of wilful slavery, to their pimps. One famous pimp author claims that while some pimps do use occasional violence, the deliberate subjugation of the will of the woman is entirely “a mind game”.

There are many things a man can offer a woman, but one offering most men (even red pill aware men) will deny is this: the skillful application of dominance. Hand.

People think that in SEA girls are more submissive. They are, but they aren’t. SEA is hugely matriarchal. In this society grown men are near universally weak momma’s boys who will ask their mother for permission for who to marry. Westerners who come out here generally date uglier, older, darker broads and wind up pushing the baby stroller. Women are, by nature, every where on this planet built to fight tooth and nail, constantly, for hand and dominance. And they usually, here and every else on this planet, succeed.

But, here, just as everywhere, a woman will respond a certain way to a man who she admires who gives her a combination of hard and romantic fucking who she can not dominate. A woman will always try to dominate. It is not just in the West. And a woman will always react a certain way when she does not dominate. It is not only in the East.

Here are a few examples. A few months ago a teenager approached me through my staff and arranged for a date. We fucked soon after meeting, and started off “the process”. The process includes opening up her sexuality and discovering our unique chemistry. You can’t have strong sexuality without bonding, and so naturally attachments also happen. Nobody has ever fucked her like I fuck her, and she’s used to much less wood, so the sex is cranked up to what for her is 11. She’s a tiny little girl, so it hurts her sometimes, even with lube, but she’s adjusting.

As a female, she considers her sexuality her hand. I’m supposed to only be able to get it from her, and she’s supposed to be able to dole out the scooby snacks as she sees fit, to train me up to be a good doggie.

But as a man my job is to do exactly the same. I want her to only get dick and paternalistic affection and money and security and a warm glow and all things good from me. And I want to be able to use real carrots and real sticks. As well as metaphorical carrots and sticks.

On one of the first dates, she came over to my house and was acting all standoffish. She lay on the bed watching porn on her phone, with the volume cranked up to give-me-attention. Naturally I went over to her and started groping. She shunned my advances by repeatedly swatting away my repeated gropings.

The deliberate tease was annoying – she was saying “See how much power I have over your emotions? I have all the goods and you can’t have any! Nya nya! I get to reject you!”

Whatever. Expressionless, I moved away and started practicing the contemplative art of eyes open chi-kung. She wouldn’t stand to be ignored and tried to continue with her game. So she comes over and starts pinching my nipples, grinding on me, and reaching into my pants. I again reach behind for a quick one handed bra unfastening. Again she rebuffs me.

The tease is starting to get on my nerves, so I head off to the can. As I’m walking out the bedroom door she calls out “no sex tonight!”

Still keeping the lid on my temper, I calmly tell her to go home. The date is over for the night.

She refuses.

I carry her out the door.

She fights me and clings to me and won’t be thrown out. It’s impossible to close a door on a girl who is fighting her way back into the room, and so I threw her across the piano conservatory through the arch into the next hallway. The aim was good so she didn’t flail into the door jamb. I close the door before she can make it back in the room.

She stands out there begging and crying and sending me text messages for 30 minutes, saying she is sorry, that it was only a joke, and can she please come back in. I reply a few times no, and to go back home, and then call up the maid and the handy-man to remove her from the premises.

The next day she lambastes me with sms invective; I’m such a bad, mean man, to treat a poor little innocent girl that way! I fucking rip into her hard. I call her out for having a heart as cold as a reptile, for being un-affectionate, for not giving head. She tries again and again to paint me as a bad man, and instead of apologizing I rip into her more; she should not fight a man and expect to win. She should have gone home when I asked her.

She tells me that she never wants to see me again, but I know better. I knew what would happen next. I knew she would not only be back, but be back a better woman.

Women don’t come off the shelf ready, any more than puppies do. You have to train them. Women aren’t puppies though; they come pre-conditioned. They are more like wild prairie horses. But even a wild mare can be broken and trained.

My super small Sally is now an affectionate little bundle of girl. She gives me massages and cuts my toenails, unprompted.

But today was another opportunity for discipline. I’ve given her an apartment here in Bali, and went over unannounced to pick her up this afternoon. She saw that as an opportunity for some passive aggression in order to put me in my place, and dawdled. “Hurry up, let’s go!” “Where are we going?” “Out. Come on.” Dawdle dawdle dawdle. Dawdle finding her shoes, dawdle lacing up the left shoe, dawdle lacing up the right one. Finally she is all put together and ready, and I keep telling her to go out the door. She keeps telling me to go out the door first, and is cranky that I walked into her room in my dirty sandles. Over and over I tell her to go out the door, and then she wanders over to stand in front of the mirror, to play with her look.

I tell her that I’m going. Now. I walk at a casual pace to my bike. Put on my helmet. Start it up. Rev it. Honk the horn a few times. Slowly drive out. She stands in the door dawdling. So I leave.

I answer her many texts with only “You were too slow. I’ve gone out.”

There are many reasons that I have three girls all pursuing me and fucking me every day. They all have options. But there are reasons that year after year I’m still seen as the best option.

I’m a high value man for many reasons. Finances. Power as the boss over my group of Western and local staff. Chi-kung sex. Paternal affection. Wise life guidance. Strong genuine loving romance. There are all those marks of a high value man, and more.

But leaving her at her apartment today was one of the most valuable things she can get from a man, and one of the most rare.


In the next post I’ll talk about how providing the whole gestalt of high value manliness, including provisioning, social access, great sex, fun, loving romance, and discipline, work together to increase real sexual attraction. There is a lot of confusion about “alpha fucks/beta bucks” and “negotiated desire” that needs to be cleared up. Real sexual desire is measurable, and studies have been done about what arouses it. Some aspects of sexual attraction have cues that are behavior based (dominance and social skills), some have cues that are based on the behavior of others towards you (social proof and status), and some are purely looks based (height, muscles, and facial symmetry). The dominance aspect is gigantically undervalued, as it relates to successful long term relationships. In order to maximize ones potential for successful and mutually satisfying LTRs, a man MUST learn the fine arts of dominance.

Another teaser for the next post; I’ll be talking about alternating between taking away a womans free will and giving it all back to her.

Update: I visited her several hours later, and neither of us mentioned a word of what happened. We drove through heavy rain to a mall, had some ice cream then I sent her off to buy me some clothes. After that several passionate sex sessions, and she not only was more into kissing than ever before, but put in some new sexual efforts. That’s all the obvious and expected outcome.

Note that there was never any nagging or complaining. I prefer not to use a lot of words; I’m not pleading my case. Real actions and real consequences. Most of what needs to be expressed is done through body language and vocal tone. I have expectations from her, and my entire demeanour KNOWS that she will fulfill my expectations. Of course I would settle for nothing less! What kind of man would? And of course, that has an effect.

Even simple expectations, such as that she should wear a sexy dress whenever we go out, and wrap her arm around my elbow set the frame and reverberate. One expectation leads into the next, until she expects of herself to cook for me.

Regular readers will remember these old tried and true tricks, and may wonder if the game becomes rote and so loses it’s magic. Not to me it doesn’t. I allow myself to be affected by her becoming affected. I really love love and bonding, and the fact that love is temporary and illusory takes away none of it’s pleasure. Love is one aspect of the mutual pleasure of sex, and vice versa. And a girl doesn’t have to be a special snowflake to inspire delicious emotions from me. Feminine and hot goes a long way.