Well, where to begin?

Months of anticipation, a journey lasting 2 full days… and now, I had arrived.

From our previous online conversations I already had a strong sense that Aaron and I would hit it off, which we did from my very first night here that we spent up on the rooftop talking and taking in the city.

The topics ranged widely, as is to be expected when those with a broad knowledge base meet; the highlights included gamifying life as well as the palpable feeling of freedom that can come with being out of the western world.


And as for meeting X for the first time?

It was surprising.

As Aaron introduced us and I shook his hand there were 2 things that struck me – his compact athletic frame and his positive, zen aura that imbues whichever room he is in.

This was instantaneous and happened before he’d even said “hi”.

After X gave me the tour of all 7 floors we parted – he to fuck whichever girl was over that night (I still don’t quite have all their names straight) and I to drop off my stuff in my expansive room, then up to the roof with a beer.

That was it.
No questioning.
No “so, how was your flight?” smalltalk.
Our entire initial meeting didn’t even fill a half-hour.

I wasn’t offended, and I wasn’t really relieved, but it was odd.

Later I concluded that I found it odd was because I was comparing it to the normal way that normal people interact.

X is not normal. But you, dear reader, probably already know that.

Over the following week we had several one-on-one conversations while Aaron was in Singapore taking care of some business. I quickly realized that, although seemingly aloof at times, when a conversation really began in earnest with him, they usually morphed into free-flowing idea sessions that only ended when interrupted by an appointment.


So, what can I say overall?

Just this, I have found 2 other men who have both the innate intelligence coupled with red-pill knowledge required that has resulted in me never again having to wonder, “will I ever find some guys who just get it?”

That question no longer exists for me.

I have found the 3rd key to masculine fulfillment: high-quality male companions.

It’s incredible, and I hope you find the same…

Happy Holidays,

Dan Diaphon