A lot has happened since I last posted.

In summary team size has doubled, two new money making machines are almost complete, sales are rising, plus we have a new office, villa and we’re now building a compound in Bali to host our growing team.

Bali compound

Early draft of the new Bali compound

As a result of our last call to action four Westerners are arriving in December to Bali. There will be fun adventures, sexy girls, discussions about life and creation of businesses.

Things here on the ground are developing swiftly. Lots of training new staff and heavily developing our business infrastructure to build a sustainably scaleable company, whilst pushing forward with conversion optimisation and lots of R&D.

Things are exciting here but I want to talk about something else today that isn’t often discussed.

People all the time write about how to improve your game, wealth, health, etc. but people seem to forget the best growth accelerator – a mentor.

How to Get a Mentor

I’ve often seen content about the benefits of mentorship but very little on what it takes to actually get a mentor.

The most important fundamental factor is: Give Life-Changing Value.

And the reason why this topic is neglected so much is because fundamentally most people are too selfish – they focus way too much on what they want and too little on what other people want.

For example I could have focused only on my own desires to relax, eat good food and meet girls 24/7 whilst out here with X. But instead I’ve taken on the role of Chief Operations Officer to manage all current businesses and personnel, as well as R&D on new projects, developing our business systems plus hiring and training new staff.

I’ve been busy as hell but I’m giving life-changing value – X now has more free time and less stress since he knows that I’m on top of everything. And I’m more than happy to do this because that’s what mentorship is all about.

You’re there to learn something valuable from them and this is the experience you need to be successful. In return you give your mentor life-changing value and this completes the Value Cycle. The value you give is the value you gain.

Giving value is fundamental to getting a mentor, so how can we make sure we’re giving life-changing value?

The 3 Keys for Giving Life-Changing Value

The first key is: Find out their primary goal. Once you know exactly why a person does everything they do, it makes it much easier to then deliver life-changing value to them.

For example the subheadline ‘How to Get a Mentor’ is based on this principle, as I’m offering you value in the form of accelerated success (a primary goal). But if this had instead been titled ‘How to Be a Good Mentee’ you would have been far less interested because it doesn’t immediately appear like life-changing value to you.

Persuasive copywriters ensure they speak always in terms of benefits, particularly drilling down to the primary benefit e.g. success. Becoming a good mentee to then attract a good mentor in order to become successful is much more indirect, thus less impactful. It’s a secondary goal.

As a personal example I can say that X has more interests than I can count in various industries, hobbies, science, technology, etc. Whenever I talk about something new I learned he already researched it 20 years ago. He’s a complex man but as I know the underlying motivation behind all of his intellectual pursuits, I know what value he most responds to.

This ensures a happy and productive partnership for the long-term. There’s no real shortcut that I know which immediately uncovers this though – it took a while for me to decipher so for any mentor you want to approach, make sure that you do your research thoroughly.

The second key is: Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses

With me and X, I know that by systemising and managing the businesses (my strength) that X has more free time to do what he does best – mastermind. He’s a business genius and comes out with big money making ideas all the time.

I also know that I’m very focused and analytically-minded whilst X thinks about a million things at once and is more creatively-oriented. Only problem is, there’s too many good ideas. We need to focus to get shit done, and I help him channel his energies in that way.

Ying and yang. That’s exactly what you need to be with your mentor. You must harness their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses, whilst doing the same with your own strengths and weaknesses.

And the third key for giving life-changing value: Know the difference between what they want and what they really need.

Let’s go back the subheadline ‘How to Get a Mentor’. You readers here all want success in business, relationships, fitness etc. so I wrote the subheadline tailored to what you want.

But now you’re reading this section I’m giving you what you really need – a slap in the face reminding you to forget about what you want, and instead to focus on giving life-changing value to others.

As a red pill man you can see the differences in numerous places. That 30-year old businesswoman wants to keep climbing the career ladder and riding the cock carousel but really needs to settle down before she hits the wall and becomes infertile. Mr. Beta next door wants to redo his kitchen for his beloved wifey-dearest who’s bored again but he really needs to start working out, stop taking shit and fuck his wife into oblivion. You want to read another blog post but you really need to get off your ass and take action.

Now remember that the whole point of this is to help fulfil their primary goal. So you’ll be looking at their secondary goals which conflict with their primary goals. For example the 30-year old businesswoman needs to drop the secondary goals of short-term pleasure from promotions and one night stands to fulfil her primary goal of long-term fulfilment from a monogamous relationship and babies.

These are all the methods you really need to give life-changing value, the real work is discovering them in the person. In summary the 3 keys for giving life-changing value are:

1) Find out their primary goal

2) Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses

3) Know the difference between what they want and what they really need

Be aware that these keys are needed much more for informal mentorships where you approach someone who isn’t actively looking for a mentee. They’ll make life difficult for you because they don’t want to begin the Value Cycle and mentor you (even though they would gain just as much as you in the process).

Of course, there are formal mentorships where can more easily secure a mentor because you’ll readily discuss each of these 3 keys:


Although we’re currently taking on lots of new people, we’re always on the lookout for more talented individuals.

Click here for the application form and description of the internship we’re offering. More details there but in short we’re offering 3-month trials with us in Indonesia (all living expenses paid for) and the opportunity for profit sharing past that point.

That’s all for now, looking forward to checking in with you all soon enough on further developments.


P. S. We are also thinking of doing a podcast soon. If we do, what would you like us to talk about? Leave a comment below.