You can’t argue with manginas or feminists.

And there are very weird brain wiring reasons why arguing with them is futile.

People with disorganized personalities, such as the cluster B personality disorder narcissism, quite literally CAN NOT hold any thought which is self-critical. Think about that for a moment. Their brain will not allow certain thoughts to happen.

Developmental psychology is an established field with decades of solid scientific research behind it, that shows us that humans naturally develop through stages of mental maturation. Piaget was one of the first researchers to propose the broad outlines of developmental theory. Research has shown that a large percentage of the population remains throughout adulthood as developmentally impaired; that is they remain pre-rational. Rationality is not an organ of perception that exists to them. They “think” with emotional biases and rationalizations.


When you combine narcissism and pre-rational thinking, you get argument-by-assertion. This is where reality is considered as nothing more than a social construct, that can be altered by a group gathering together and agreeing what is real or not. For instance to an emotional thinker, a man does not have a real physical object between his legs that is his penis. His penis is entirely created out of nothing more substantial than gossip. “Oh, you drive a red convertible sports car? Then you MUST have a small penis! Ha ha!”

For such people, certain realities literally CAN NOT exist. Their brain will refuse to hold the thoughts. You can try over and over in a thousand different ways to get their brain to visualize a thought, but your best possible reward will be narcissistic rage. More likely will be avoidance through complete retreat. Their brain wiring will NEVER allow certain thoughts to be even briefly visualized.

Argument-by-eye-rolling is the go-to tactic for a hive of narcissists. This is because truth seeking through argument is not considered the point. The point is consensus, so if everybody mutually eye rolls, then the job is done. If you do not automatically join in the eye rolling, then everything you say MUST be wrong. It is pure in-group vs out-group mental construction. There are good people and bad people, good thoughts and bad thoughts. There is no truth that causes feel bads – if there are feel bads then it’s not true. Emotional “logic”. Another go-to emotional “argument” is to slander through associations. It makes NO difference to this type of thinking if such associations have any basis in reality. Remember, the penis is not a measurable object to such people. It is ALL social construct. And so if a guy dates 18 year olds, automatically you will immediately hear about paedophilia. Regardless of what he says and does, it’s time to associate him with paedophilia. Because that works, for these disordered and developmentally impaired brains. That is how they logic.

As examples here are some comments on my last post from the manboobs blog:

“I am going to doubt that any 18 year old girl is really into him. His money might be another story. ”

“He’s joking. It’s a fucking satire blog for gods sake. ”

I won’t bother mining the rest of the comments for idiocy. It is difficult to find any exception to the rule that manboobs are incapable of imagining ego-threatening ideas, such that an 18 year old girl can maintain a passionate affair with an old man who is consciously skilled in maintaining a sexually charged romantic relationship where he remains dominant and has hand.

I’ve notices that groups of men-going-their-own way are also skewed towards the fat, ugly, and retarded. As are feminists.

It is a type of sexual strategy to discount the competition, and is evolved. Sexual socialism through peer pressure.

But it will never occur to such people that their attempts are impotent. Does the cheerleader care what feminists think about her dating the “misogynist” quarterback? No, real power is not about group consensus. Real power is about real influence. Who is fucking who is as measurable as dick size. And manboobs are not the ones getting the choice action. Man boobs, MGTOW boobs, and feminists are often the socio-sexual discards of this world, and they are discarded for good reason.

I was having a fireside discussion with two Netherlandic women, one aged 46 and fat and ugly, and the other 22 and cute. They were both outraged by the fact that when I choose the age ranges of women I’m searching for on dating sites, I type in from 18-24. The younger one lacked any semblance of emotional or intellectual control, and her outrage brought her into a euphoric ecstasy of hysterical slander. Her first tactic was to reduce the minimum age of who I was looking for, first to 16, and then twelve. My first response to her was to repeat over and over, in a tone at once bored and irritated “why should I care what you think?” When she insinuated that no young women would want me, I mentioned that my two long-term girlfriends are 18 and 25. She assumed that her look of incredulity and outrage was an argument, in and of itself. Whereas once again “why should I care?” In retrospect I should have just given her N18s phone number and told her to talk it out with her. Because my experience is that ALWAYS such women are 100% completely impotent with their rage. I’m sure by now hundreds of women have counselled my various girls to leave me. And all my girls do is to tell me about it, and we both share a chortle.

By the way it was the older woman who had the maturity and insightful introspection to notice that the real reason my choice of women bothered her is because it made her feel insecure about maintaining a companionate relationship. She didn’t want men to be able to have any other options but to stick with their women as they let themselves slide into becoming fat and asexual. The notion of doting hotties to her was deeply disturbing, as was lust based relationships. But for all her insight, she was not capable to make the mental leap of putting herself in a man’s shoes, and imagining that what might work best for him is not in her best interest.

The young girl finally backed off when I mentioned that I had recently broken up with N18, but relented to her begging me to stay. “SHE begged YOU?!”, she incredulated. After a pause, she softened for the first time. “Oh, you must be great in bed”.

“How did you know?”

“It’s the only reason I’d stay with a man like you”. After that she kept mentioning how my alternate lifestyle was “interesting”. Even my sleeping schedule was noted to her to be “interesting”.

When peoples sexual strategies are threatened, in their strong emotion they are prone to thought patterns that are pre-rational and solipsistic. And many people are in a default state of pre-rational narcissism. Such people often get a big kick out of the emotion of outrage, and want a group pity party or group slander. Men and women both do this, on any side of any fence; feminists and MGTOW manboobs, and social conservatives, and social justice warriors.

And this is a reason I very often mention that habits of mind are important to be cautious about. Narcissism is NOT your friend, not even as a seduction aid.

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