My companion wound up being a dud, and so by afternoon of the next day I sent an sms command to N18. “Get on the next plane to Bali today”

It takes some strong bonds to keep a girl so attentive, when she knows you are not monogamous.


Many people, men included, can’t seem to wrap their minds around why on earth a man would date a teenager 30 years younger than himself. Especially a genuine ditz.

The reason they can’t wrap their heads around it is because for such people the ability to share a detailed narrative history and have flashy reparte is part and parcel of the bonds of love, and even passion, they have for each other.

But there are also types of love and passion that have not much to do with what anyone says or even thinks. An 18 year old is capable of extreme crushes, and can be brought into a religious reverie of constant devotion towards her man. Especially if she’s given regular doses of intense sex. Intense physically, erotically, emotionally, violently, romantically, exhibitionously, and any other ly. Just intense experience in which it feels as if you share the same emotional and physical worlds. Strong bonds are formed even without words.


As we are relatively free to create any state of mind, with chi-kung we are also relatively free to create any state of energetic body. You can choose to feel love in your heart. And why not. In fact you can choose to feel strong love, and decide to map that emotion onto a visualized-created feeling of waves of warm emotion pouring out of your heart, like a sun.

Now if you do take the time to feel into that kinesthetic visualization – and it might take 30 minutes to relax and focus your mind enough to strongly feel it – then you’ll discover that this subjective sensation has social impact. You can share this love with people. And they can feel it. It helps to actually believe this in a metaphysical sense – that love is some force we can share, but it’s not necessary to have that belief. We are extremely sensitive, mostly subconsciously, to extremely subtle body and facial language cues. Feeling a forceful all encompassing love will affect how your girl reacts to you.

Buddhists have practices they do to generate strong “bodhicitta” (an untranslatable term but some have tried “compassion” for it). And it’s not a waste of time. Not only does it just feel good, but it can have positive social benefits for individuals; they can get a sort of social advantage. When people feel loved they can respond very positively to you.


My girl sucks my cock with frenzied devotion. And she rubs sunscreen on me with such devotion that the process has become a twenty minute ritual for before we go out. Even in her pussy, during the hardest thrusts, her vaginal wall contracts and presses against my cock for maximum pressure with total open devotion. I am the center of her world, and when we are together you will see her spend all her attention on trying to make me happy. I don’t dole out love constantly, but she relishes each burst of it, and patiently waits around for the next dose.

Just that devotion is a value. This is not just a matter of blow jobs on command. This is loving devoted passionate blow jobs.

That’s why an older man would date an 18 year old. Because they make excellent devoted sex slaves.