“The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.” – Ayn Rand

In July I was in London living the same humdrum lifestyle. Same bars, same nights out, same familiar faces. Same stressful clients, same boring workday.

Good game, but poor logistics. Living at home with parents is great for saving money, not so much for your sex life.

Improving myself like any smart man should be, but still feeling held back from my true potential.

Thanks to Danger and Play tweeting a recent post by Xsplat however, that’s changed. In that post was an opportunity to be great – he had just lost a previous business partner and was looking to expand his team.

In the past I’d been a regular reader of Xsplat’s blog and I always thought X was an interesting character. He showed a rare blend of entrepreneurial pragmatism and Zen spirituality in his posts that I’ve yet to see elsewhere.

For that reason I seized the chance to give value and learn from an successful serial entrepreneur. We messaged back and forth for a while about his needs, businesses and my skills, until we realised the next step was just to meet to see if we clicked.

I thought to myself: I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not?

Our Meeting

IMG_2935So I flew out within a few days to meet him. M, one of his hot girlfriends met me at the airport and took me to his 4-story home. When I arrived X greeted me warmly and gave me the grand tour of all the rooms, workstations and business assets.

His place is a true bachelor pad – a place where your creativity can bloom, but also somewhere enticing for curious young ladies to check out. The latter was also aided by the fact that he owns a friendly and excitable Siberian Husky.

It was in a great location too – tasty food vendors, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, a bank, gym, massage parlour and swimming pool all within two minutes walk. And getting to the mall or any club or bar costs only 1 via taxi.

There I also briefly met the previous intern Cody, whom I also felt a sense of instant camaraderie with. It is a shame we didn’t get to spend more time together, but I’m sure our paths will cross again soon.

The impression I got of X himself was almost exactly like what’d you gather from his posts. He’s ambitious, knows what he wants and gets it too.

He was very hospitable and made the trip unforgettable when we took a 5 day break to Bali.
We surfed, parasailed, jet skied, went clubbing and had a blast.

Another memorable moment for me was when we were sitting in a bar with a round of cocktails. X pulled out his laptop to fulfil orders and mentioned that just the ones received today had paid for the entire trip.

All these moments made me realise that this truly was an opportunity to be great. X has everything the manosphere aspires to and his sights are set on achieving much more, so with that I’ve decided to partner up with him.

Your Opportunity To Be Great

The plans have shifted but Project Pussy is already well on it’s way. I won’t spoil the details here but it has become far more grandiose; I’d say it has more in common with ‘world design’ than mere ‘lifestyle design’.

Live events, online communities, international offices and a pipeline of top-grade females are amongst the many plans being put into action. Creating real value, not selling hope.

And this is only possible when you’re in an environment where there are no obstacles in your way. Unlike at a 9-5 job, here you have resources, security and expert guidance at your disposal.

Only when your entire hierarchy of needs is being fulfilled including your needs for food, shelter, relationships and respect, can you then focus on the highest level: self-actualisation.

This means your creative problem-solving can explode in a place like this. But first you have to go all in and face your fear. Say no to self-sabotage and take the leap to better yourself.

We’re looking for more courageous guys to team up with. If you can be put in a fun environment where all your needs are taken care of and you can make things happen, you’ll fit right in.

Not everyone can though, as some people can only work with their back against the wall. They’re more motivated by avoiding negative situations than moving towards becoming their Best Selves.

If that’s you, you won’t fit in here. You’ll choose a life of mediocrity by putting in the bare minimum effort since life here is already comfortable. We instead want someone who sees this as an opportunity to be great, wants to become their Best Selves and deliver life-changing value.

In terms of expertise, we have roles for individuals with various skill sets but we’re especially looking for those with experience at being a project manager or editor right now. Either way we’d love for you to contact us via the Contact page.

One prospective intern is already planning to visit over New Years, where we will show him our new villa in Bali and discuss world domination. These are exciting times, and we hope to share them with all of you guys soon.