It’s not only necessity that mothers invention. It’s also loss.

Emotions are tricky to work through. You need to acknowledge them and that leads to some down time. But it’s not only that you can’t keep a good man down. It’s that the challenges make the man. Literally.

Challenges create opportunities.

It’s the defeats and the losses and the setbacks that directly lead to the biggest long term wins. I’m not trying to talk in metaphors or inspirations. That’s how the world actually works.

I’m going through some relationship restructuring with one of my girls. Her figure compels me to fuck her and maintain her attraction for me, by all means necessary. I’ve developed some skills, so she remains addicted, and views me still as the strongest interest. For now. But it will fall apart.

Because of a cultivated fighting spirit and constantly seeking to realistically better my position, I have developed skillfull, insightful, outside the box ways to do better.

In fact my plan is to impregnate five super hot model teenage girls of my exact body preferences. And have them all be very smart. And in love with me.

I found out today that my number one main man apprentice, adopted son, best friend and business partner will be moving on to apprentice with another charismatic and wise mentor. It’s a serious and heartbreaking loss. Of course I’ll miss the guy. People are not fungible; a steak sandwich can’t replace poached salmon. An apple can’t replace an orange. There is only one of him, and that one won’t be replaced.

But because he was so valuable, there is a noticed need. And because now I am stronger and wiser and more adept and have better connections, I’m in a better place to fill the broad need.

Partly because of my number one, the income here has increased. I’ve also been working on my own projects. If I were to count chickens from eggs (and I’ve been wrong every time I’ve done that), I would count that within two months income will increase by at least 50k per month. And I have a realistic goal of making 1/2 million per month within a year, if not within six months.

So instead of cutting in interns at the ground floor, this will open up other options of enticing the best and the brightest using traditional means of mere salary. I’m going to pay locals a very good rate, and will even look to recruit the best and the brightest westerners. Using dollar figures, instead of a piece of the future.

I’m not going to detail my plans for getting the teen-up-to-21 agers in love and impregnated. But I’m not only confident I can do it, I KNOW I can do it. The hottest and smartest and most capable mothers and companions. Just getting one for an old ugly man most would consider impossible. I know how I’m going to get five. And in the process of getting them I might fuck dozens or scores.

It’s the loss that leads to this. Comfort is great, but it doesn’t drive you.

Loss is a really good friend.